Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Program and Parties

 I am trying to get us all caught up on Christmas BEFORE the new year starts and Blogger was giving me some trouble the other day.  But...all is well now and I wanted to post about the girls Christmas program and parties from school.  Only Jillian got to participate in the Christmas Program at school, but Jules was there watching her big sis.  Jillian did great and didn't seem nervous at she usually does!  She knew every word and every hand motion...and she just sang her little heart out!  We were very proud of her.  Then after, both girls had parties at the same time, so I spent my time running all over that school.  NOT PRETTY...remember I am now 7 months pregnant and NOT attractive AT ALL!  Here are pictures from our fun day at school!  

 girls before school

 Jules and her little friends praying before the pizza party.

 Jules knows how to party!

 Jules and her buddy Ellie.  This is their 2nd year together at school and next year they will have Ms. Cheryl!!

 Jillian and her best buddy Ella at their party!  What great party moms they had...they had ice cream sundaes, hot chocolate, crafts, story time!  I know the girls had a great time!

 Jillian's adorable class full of 3 girls and all boys.  They are all really precious though and I LOVE her class!  She really got so lucky this year!

My big Pre-K girl!

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Mindy said...

Oh what fun! Looks like your girls did it up big again this year. As always with the pink trees, and totally partying it up at school! I love their little matching tree shirts, they look so cute. And Jillian does look like quite the little singer on stage there.

I never commented before, but I LOVE the name you picked out for little miss Paisley. Perfect fit for the newest Patterson.