Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

The girls before Christmas Church

silly faces

Daddy and his girls before our Christmas Eve meal and party

the girls and me 

singing Joy To The World with the cousins

The little girls table

the tree and all the gifts

Jillian so excited to open gifts!

 Aunt K and the nieces

 Ansley and Macy decided to follow in Summer's and My footsteps and put on a Christmas play.  My girls were a last minute addition to the Christmas Play. her true form...couldn't handle the change of plans and didn't perform well.  Here is Ansley taking after her mother and writing, directing, and narrating the play. Macy...taking after me...only got ONE line in the whole thing!  

 Jules and Emerson following their directions.

 Here is Jillian NOT taking the news well of her part in the play.  SIGH

 Taking a bow

 Jillian opening Aunt K's gift

 Aunt K and Me

 Ansley was SOOOOO sweet and bought all the girls a gift with her own money...even the new baby!  Here is Jillian saying thank you to her big cousin!

The girls right before bedtime in their new jammies and slippers that they just opened!


Team Dale said...

Happy to see you made the blog post! You look beautiful!! Looks like a wonderful Christmas Eve, love that Ansley is like Summer and Macy is like you, that cracks me up! Your family is super adorable! Here's to a JOYFUL new year!!

Mindy said...

This is just to sweet. I mean cuteness overload. I do believe the matching pajamas in addition to Ainslee buying everybody gifts with her own money just about did it for me! So glad to see she caught the Christmas spirit. Total sweetness.