Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. Seth got off early Friday and we spent Friday through Monday swimming. We had lots of fun and are actually sick of the sun...which does not happen in my little family of four very often. We spent the entire 3 days getting in lots of great family time, eating yummy food, and swimming. Here are some pictures of our weekend. Somehow I got NONE of Papaw, Mimi, or me. I hate when I do that, but I am SOOOOOOO not into picture taking these day! Maybe when our lives settle down a bit, then I will try harder!!

Jules and Aunt K

Jillian and Emmy

Jules on her Daddy

Waving at Mommy

The girls with Mason, Aunt K's boyfriend
(yes, he is wearing a foam bikini top...he fits right in with the rest of us!)

The girls pre-partying with popsicles and WT pool in our back yard

bottoms up

Riding some swim toys

Jules looking so cute!


Emmy, Jillian, and Macy

Best buds

More best buds

Jules loves her Daddy

Ansley teaching Jillian and Emerson water aerobics

Don't fall out of your chair in disbelief. This is Jules actually falling asleep on Aunt Summer. We didn't force a nap since she was right in the middle of all the fun...so she ended up just crashing on Monday. Three days of swimming will do that to even the strongest-willed 2 year old!

BEAUTIFUL lashes and lips!!!

Monday night movie night. After all that partying, it sure does feel nice to take a bath, get on clean jammies, and snuggle up to watch a movie in the AC!!!!!

1 comment:

marcy said...

I see some future wedding video worthy pictures here for Jules. That is...if Seth permits her to get married!
I love you Jilly and Julser!
PS Does Mason have a say in having his bikini shot posted all over the place?