Friday, May 28, 2010

A Day at the Ballpark

Seth and I finally took the girls to see their very first Rangers game at The Ballpark in Arlington. It was hot and after a long day of I wasn't quite sure how things wold work out. Well, the girls had a blast! We were up pretty high, so the wind was blowing and keeping us cool. It also wasn't very crowded, so the girls just got to run around, dance, eat, and have a ball! Jillian was yelling for the Rangers and everyone kept turning around and looking at the cutest little Ranger fan that ever lived! I took her out once to go to the bathroom and while we were in there she said she wanted to go back and watch The Razorbacks play some more! That's our girl...she knows our teams!!! Here are some pictures of the girls at their first live sporting event!

Trying to get a sister picture before the game

Wasn't quite working out

Jillian is so cool

Daddy and his girls

I am a huge Cowboys fan, but can you believe this was my first time to see Jerry's World in person??? It is the most beautiful stadium EVER!!!

View from the top

Watching the game with Daddy

And Mommy

Me and my girl

Jillian having a ball

Jules was happy just to eat the entire game...of course!

Hot Dog

Cotton Candy

Getting dirty Cotton Candy fingers!!!!

Ice Cream


Brandi said...

Love your girls' outfits. Precious!! They are so cute! We love the Rangers and Cowboys too!!!

Kia said...

Your girls are so adorable! It's amazing how much Jillian looks like you and Jules looks like Seth! He is going to have his hands full when those cuties grow up!!