Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Yesterday I had a really wonderful mother's day. In addition to a regular gift each year, the best gift that Seth and I give eachother every year on Mother's/Father's Day and birthdays is the gift of not having to do ANYTHING. So, yesterday I did not have to change a diaper, take Jillian to any public restrooms, brush teeth, or make drinks/food for anyone! It was really nice. AND Seth made sure that all girls were nice to me...which isn't always the case around here. I also got a massage from the girls and they had already booked me an appointment for that afternoon! It was a really nice and relaxing day...which was just what I needed. We also had lunch with my family and celebrated my own Mother too. I feel so blessed to have my mother as my mom every single day. I am also so blessed to be the mom to my two girls. I am just right where I am supposed to be!!!!

Here are just a couple pictures of our day!

My girls and me before church on this VERY windy Sunday morning!

Mimi and my girls opening up her gift

Jules looking so feminine in her church dress, Jillian's pink crocs, and a Woody bandaid! Sheesh!

Happy Mothers Day to 3 generations!!!

Aunt K and I gave my mom a Magnolia tree for Mother's day. Here is a pic of them in front of a lovely garage. How nice.

And here is CC who we did not get to see on Mother's Day. CC is also a great mother and grandmother to all of us! We are sad we didn't get to see her yesterday, but will get to see her in 2 weeks! Happy Mother's Day to CC too! We love you!

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