Friday, May 14, 2010

End of the Year Program 2010

Last week, Jillian and Jules had their end of the year program at Butterfly School. It was a Hawaiian theme and the kids were really cute!!! Jillian (in typical Jillian form) did great...did all the motions and sang all the songs. She was wonderful. Jules, however...not so much!

See a funny detail that I may have not mentioned before is that at school Jules is solemn and serious. She doesn't say a word. Her teachers ask me all the time if she talks. WHAT!!!??? That is SOOOOO not how Jules is at home. Anyone who knows Jules will tell you that she is a big talker with loads of spunk and personality. She started talking in sentences right after she turned one and has never stopped. Well, at Butterfly School, this is not the case. She is very reserved. I think it is like split personalities or something! So...back to the end of the year program. Jules stood there with this blank look on her face for the entire performance. It is sad that she doesn't show her true personality! Oh well....maybe next year she will break out of her shell at school. Here are the kids doing their thing!

Jillian and her friends

the child would NOT leave her skirt alone

Jillian's best buddies at school...Eva and Ella

Cousin Emmy doing her performance

Here are the toddlers entering the auditorium for their turn.
Of course Jules is being carried by her teacher!

And of course Jules refused to wear her lei

See this face?
This is her school face. She always looks like this when she is in her class.

Jillian playing at the carnival after the program

The girls boucing

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