Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Muffins With Mom 2010

Last Thursday at Butterfly School, we had Muffins with Mom. The girls each sent me and invitation and so that morning all the moms got together with their kids for a brunch and to give the moms the gifts that they made at school. (I do teach the 3's...so Jillian's gifts weren't a complete surprise...but the girl doesn't need to know that! :) ) The toddlers, 2's, and 3's were all together for one big brunch...so Jules, Emerson, and Jillian all got to be together that morning! Jillian and Emmy don't get to see eachother all the much even though they are at the same school...and they were thrilled to be together. Summer had to go on a field trip with Macy, so Mimi stood in for her and Emmy got to have Muffins with Mimi! I think this school does such a great job of being personable and just makes every single event very special. Here are some pictures from our wonderful brunch!

The girls

I believe this pictures says it all

This is Jillian and Emmy seeing eachother for the first time that morning. You would think they had spent the last year apart!!! They ran to eachother from across the gym...so precious!

Mimi and the Grandgirls

Me and Jillian together at Muffins with Mom.
(this is the best picture I have)
Jillian gave me finger-printed stationary, a nice bookmark with her picture, a drawing of her and me sliding at the park, and a questionnaire that she filled out about me.

Here is Jules giving me her present. She gave me a flower pot with her finger prints on it...and a sign of her handprint.

Here are her fingerprints

Emmy and Mimi

Jules eating a healthy breakfast of grapes and donut holes

Double Trouble

Jillian and all of her favorite girls!!!
Emmy, Jilly, Ella, and Eva
(she only hangs out with people whose names start with E)

And of course Jules NEVER wants to be left out!!!

And her is Jules doing what she does best.
Time for Muffins with Mom to be OVER!!!!

More Mothers Day...keep reading!


Brandi said...

How sweet and fun!!! Ok, your girls always look sooo stinkin' cute; where in the world do you get their clothes...precious!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful (and well deserved) MD! Your girls are absolutely beautiful!