Thursday, June 3, 2010

Floating The Buffalo River

For Seth's birthday last year, his parents and Uncle Alan gave him a gift certificate to float the Buffalo River and stay in a cabin for a night. Well, here it is almost a year later and we FINALLY cashed in on the gift. CC, B-Pa and Aunt Lynn watched the girls for us and we headed off to Ponca, AR for a really fun 2 days!!!

We were supposed to float the river Friday, but the water levels were too high. Only experienced canoers were allowed on and we certainly did not qualify. They ended up switching our float to Saturday. So, on Friday we headed up to our secluded cabin on the very top of Arkansas! We really were so secluded in this cabin that they put us in and it felt like we could see the whole state from our balcony. It was awesome!!! We spent Friday just hanging out and getting sun. Luckily there was a hot tub on our balcony because it was way too hot to just be outside! We turned the heat off and spent the day in that thing! Ha!!! I am sure we looked like major dorks sitting together in this mini-pool all day, but I gotta tell you that we had a blast! We are never really away from the kids (I am NEVER away from them!!!), so this was a nice break for us!!! Then, we got up Saturday and spent a perfect day canoeing down the Buffalo River! We did not even tip over once, so we were proud of that! Here are pictures from our weekend away!

We took CC's convertible and it made driving through all the hills so much fun!

Only in Arkansas will you be driving behind something like this!!

Seth's down home country breakfast

We can have fun pretty much anywhere!

The view from our balcony...and of course the pictures don't even do it any justice!

another view

dining table

the bed

NOW...don't be fooled by this sweet Country quilt and the hand-crafted bed! I found MIRRORS ON THE CEILING of this bed!!!! What in the world? I about died when I saw that! I mean, wow!...really?...speechless! :)

the kitchen

the living room

the patio

Seth looking awesome in the hot tub! You have to have these koozies to float on the river and Seth wore his all day Friday too! He is cool like that!

fun in the sun

Champagne provided by the BOC! I love a good bottle of Cook's! :)

Saturday morning we woke up to this. Clouds so low that they were in the valley below us! It was beautiful!!!

Seth and I gearing up for the float!

Here I am...don't I look like a good canoer??
Pardon the cheap sunglasses...Seth made me get gas station glasses for the trip...and they look good, don't they?

the bluffs

beautiful Arkansas

Seth in his element. He loves being outside and doing something fun!
Don't tell him I told you, but this boy turns 30 in 25 days!!!!

We did it! We floated the whole river and never fell in! We had a blast and hope to come back every year.


Brandi said...

Awesome pics! What fun! I would love for the hubs and I to do that!!!

Dallas said...

Looks like fun! And look at you, pulling off the hand on the hip...wish I could (see my recent posts for an explanation of this).

annalee said...

you two are too cute! so glad you got to enjoy a trip together.

Katie said...

we love floating the buffalo!!! we go every summer!!

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