Monday, June 7, 2010

Lucky Number 7

Today is our 7th anniversary! I always hear about the 7 year itch...but I think we will consider it our lucky #7 instead! Seth and I have a lot of big things going on right now...and they are all really good! So, I think we will definitely consider our lives together and where we are right now SO VERY LUCKY!!!!

Seth and I started out as best friends for a few months before we ever starting dating and that has been such an important part of our relationship! We are still best friends and really enjoy just hanging out together most every night. We see friends when possible, but usually it is just the 2 of us...and I think we like it like that.

So...Happy Anniversary to my best friend. We are TRULY lucky!!!!

Here is a flashback of pictures...because I love seeing other people's old pics!
4th of July party and just dating for a few weeks

The Night We Got Engaged

Our Rehearsal Dinner

At the beach on our one year anniversary

Seth's 25th birthday

The night before Jillian was born

At the beach and pregnant with Jules but we didn't know it!

Our 5th anniversary...and first date night after having Jules

Britney Spears concert for my 29th birthday

The Buffalo River

Happy Anniversary to us! We only have 43 more years to make it to our goal of 50!!!!
Here's Hoping! :) Just Kidding!!!!


annalee said...

ah, i love photo timelines! this is precious. happy anniversary!

marcy said...


I'm with Annalee - I love photo timelines - and this one is excellent!
(Brittney - YOU DONE GOOD!)

Mindy said...

Love love love the photo trip down memory lane. Whats funny is you both look EXACTLY the same. Too cute. You still look beautiful and tan and seth still has those squinted eyes and sweet smile. hehe.