Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pool Time

If you live in Texas, then you must know that it is just too hot to do ANYTHING besides swim. And that is exactly what we do almost everyday. My good friend Susie just happens to have 2 kids my exact same kids ages...and we hang out ALL the time.
Violet and Jillian are the best of friends, both almost 4. Graham and Jules are both 2 and share a common love of eating. They are eachother's first boyfriend/girlfriend. Here are some pictures that Susie took out at the pool today! We are so blessed to have such great friends that we can hang out with and survive the Texas heat with!

The kids playing together

Best Little Buddies

Being silly

Jules and Graham having a sweet moment

Jillian, Violet, Graham, Jules

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Sue Jordan said...


I love all your pictures of your cute, cute family! And I love you guys! I think you are a wonderful mom!