Monday, November 2, 2009

I'll Get You My Pretty...And Your Little Dog Too

Since this is probably the LAST Halloween that I get any say in what Jillian will wear, I decided to put the girls in a "couples" kind of costume and make them Dorothy and Toto from The Wizard of Oz. Jillian did not object considering her outfit was sparkly and she got to wear some ruby red slippers! She looked the part and had a great time doing it. Jules...well she was just about the cutest Toto there ever was. None of my pictures really do her in her costume any justice...but I think you get the idea. is our fun-filled Halloween night in pictures!

The girls getting all geared up for dinner with our whole family (in costumes) and trick-or-treating!!!!!!

The front

The back

Here is Jules right when she was catching on to the fact that all you have to do is show up to someone's house looking cute and then they give you candy. We couldn't stop her after this!

YEAH candy!!!!!

Jillian as Dorothy and Cousin Emmy as a cheerleader!

Jillian with Cousin Macy...the Diva!

Jilly (almost 3 1/2)

Jules (18 months)

Jules was totally obsesses with this fruit by the foot candy because it was the first thing she got! She carried that thing in her hand all night long!

All five girls trick-or-treating together!
Jillian, Emerson, Jules, Ansley, and Macy

Jules decided to take it easy at this point and enjoy some of her hard-earned candy.

Jules with Papaw. She is mildly obsessed with Papaw...she is always saying his name throughout the day! I don't know what she is thinking about! My guess would be that since Papaw gives her donut holes every Sunday at church, that he has jumped up to #1 in Jules' book!

Jules with Mimi...also a favorite of Jules!!!

Even Uncle Caleb came to trick-or-treat with us for the 2nd year in a row! He is the best and the girls love him!

The girls having a blast together!!!!

Our family

The Dales
And yes, if you are wondering, I think Layton dressed up like a registered sex offender!
(click to see this picture bigger and you'll see what I mean!)

The HIGHLIGHT of our night...trick-or-treating at Roy Williams' (#11 for the Cowboys) house!
He lives in my parents neighborhood and we thought we would give it a shot. He answered...on his phone and in house shoes! He was really friendly and we ALL became Roy fans after that!!!!! By Halloween next year, there will be 4 Dallas Cowboys in their neighborhood! You can bet we will get even more good celebrity pics next year! :)

Here is Jillian about 5 minutes after Uncle Caleb left our house. She passed out in no time! That was a lot of fun for a 3 year old!

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Elizabeth said...

The girls look adorable in their costumes! Looks like a fun night!

Allison said...

next year make all five girls THE DALLAS COWBOY CHEERLEADING SQUAD.... With all the Cowboys...that will be a great photo op!

Sandi said...

Great idea to be Dorothy and Toto!

The Hoerman's said...

Some major cuteness, and some major props to you for your girls being the queen of bows! I LOVE them and I have a hater on my hands :-( You will have to give me some tips -- which probably includes something I should have done months ago, no let her have a choice.