Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Month of Pumpkins

I figured that I had better get the blog up to date on all things Halloween before today is over! We have had a busy month getting ready for the big night tonight. I have been busy in school which is why I guess I have just been letting the blog go. I am gonna have to work hard on changing that! are a few Halloween-related pictures to get it up to date. I am sure my parents and Seth' parents will be happy for something new to look at!

The girls in their cute pumpkin shirts

This one is funny because Jules is eating her first corn dog (or dog dog as she calls it). I just had to document such a momentous occasion!

More matchy Halloween

Summer and I headed to a costume party. Summer was flashdance and I was a cowboy...original I know. I threw the outfit together that day. Next year, I'm going ALL out!

Seth carving pumpkins with his girls. They were such prisses and wouldn't touch anything on the inside of that pumpkin! I love Seth's face here...saying EWWWWWWWWWWW with the girls!

Having a good time!

Jillian looking at the camera....

Jules looking at the camera

I asked Jillian what she wanted to name the pumpkin, and she said Emerson. Isn't she creative??? I think Emerson is a GREAT name for a pumpkin!

Jules at her Halloween Party at school. I was gone with the 3's to the pumpkin patch, so this was the only picture Sum could get for me! But I promise, she looked really cute that day!

Jillian at the pumpkin patch.

Jillian and her two friends in her class...Eva and Ella.

Ella, Jillian, and Eva

Dorothy and Toto
This is just a small preview of what you will see from our night of trick or treating!
Happy Halloween to everyone!!!!!

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writing4612 said...

So cute!

marcy said...

They look so adorable - whether carving pumpkins, at the pumpkin patch or in their costumes!
I love you Jillian and Jules,
PS Kourtney called corn dogs - "weenie with crust on it"!