Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Smokin Weekend...

This weekend, Seth and I went to South Texas for The Brazoria County Annual Fair and Cookoff. Seth's good friend Josh at work is the one that has gotten Seth really into grilling and smoking food this year. Seth has become really good at it and the whole family LOVES this hobby that he has picked up. Well, Josh decided to put a team together for the cookoff and so we joined that team (Lazy J's Cookers) and headed down a little past Houston for the weekend to participate. We had a lot of fun meeting new friends, sitting around outside, smoking food, having a couple drinks, and eating WAY too much meat!
(We also did this without our children....THANKS SO MUCH TO MY MOM AND DAD!!!!!!)
But the best part of the whole story is that only the top 12 teams place and are awarded a trophy. And...........Lazy J's got #12 out of 120 teams in brisket!!!! This is a very big deal around those parts and our boys were SOOOOO happy that the hard work paid off. And I must add that I think the brisket should have gotten was truly amazing! What is funny is that so many older men have been participating in this competition for years, and these 4 young men show up for the first time and place! Us girls were very proud of our men!!!!

Turbo, Jeff, Trophy, Josh, and Seth

Seth and the trophy

The boys in front of the smoker

Logan (Josh's Baby), Amanda & Turbo, Seth & Me, Tiffany & Josh, Jeff (Minus Bonnie)

One of the greatest parts of the whole cookoff was seeing all of the CRAZY big and expensive smokers that people have out there! Also, I really enjoyed all the funny names of the teams. One of my favorites was "Kill It & Grill It". Ha HA...only in the South! I totally meant to take pictures of it all, but totally forgot. Next year I will be doing a whole blog post on those things!

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Tara Gibson said...

hmmm i think next time yall come up here you need to cook some of this yummy stuff haha!

Sandi said...

How awesome and fun!! Congratulations, Seth!

I wish Dave would get into grilling. Man.