Monday, October 12, 2009

Picnic With Daddy

Last Thursday at our school, we had Picnic With Daddy. All the Dads came up and got to eat Chick-Fil-A with their kiddos. The kids were all really excited about having their Daddy's up for lunch. Well, of course, it rained, so Picnic With Daddy was moved to the gym. But...our girls seemed to have the best time and were Super Excited that Daddy came up mid-day to see them at school!

I found my family in the back of the gym having this picnic...

Jules and her VERY favorite human being

Daddy and his girls

Jules is SOOOOOO happy to see her Daddy!!!!

We also found Uncle Layton and Emmy

Aren't they a couple of handsome Daddy's????

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Marcy said...

These are both EXCELLENT dads! What a blessed bunch of girls.
(love the tie on Layton)

Marcy said...

PS I just realized - Seth has on a BOW TIE? (LOVE IT TOO!)

Lea Liz said...

How sweet!! Your girls are just adorable and they look like they just adore their daddy!!! I love how you always have them dressed alike!!

Mindy said...

Yes they so are hot daddys! What a great idea. Love that they got to have a picnic with their daddy. Too sweet.