Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Visit From CC and B-Pa

This past weekend we had a great visit with CC and B-Pa. They came down on Friday and played with the girls all weekend long! The girls had a great time as both of them had constant attention for a good 48 hours! CC ALWAYS insists that Seth and I go out on a date...and so we didn't argue with that! Isn't she great? We got to go out and have a nice dinner with no kids, while the girls got to spend some great time with their grandparents! We spent the rest of the weekend just being together at the park, in the backyard, grilling out, etc. It was a great visit and we are already looking forward to the next time!

CC and her girls

B-Pa and the girls

These girls LOVE B-Pa and CC and were really sad to see them go home! We are all excited to see them again at Christmas time!

CC brought Jillian a new pink princess tent and to say that Jillian loves it would be a major understatement! The girl actually wants to go to quiet time and hang out in her new tent! YEAH!!!! Here she is yesterday asleep in the tent! This is a big deal since the girl gave up napping last spring! Thank you CC...from Jillian AND Mommy!

sleeping beauty

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Allison said...

LOVE that TENT!! the girls are getting so big...they are going to LOVE CHRISTMAS this year!!

Shelley said...

Jules is looking so grown-up! And I love the picture of Jillian asleep in the tent, she really does look like a little princess!