Saturday, November 7, 2009

18 Months Old ALREADY!

My Baby Jules actually turned 18 months old back on October 22. She has really just grown up so much in the last couple of months...and is my little lady now. No more baby for her...and that is a sad thing for me to admit. Don't get me wrong though, we still baby her more than we did Jillian. Jillian was NEVER allowed to have her paci or lovey out of her bed...and lets just say that we have had a harder time enforcing that rule with Jules. Here are a few things about Jules at 18 months....

    • Jules' true love is for her lovies...or WUBBIES as she calls them. She has 3...and she is always wanting all 3. It has gotten worse since school started and that is my fault. I was feeling all guilty that I was putting her in school, so I let her take her wubbie to school on the first day. I had only intended for her to have it when she was dropped off and then at naptime. Well, her teachers let her have it all the time...and now she pretty much wants them all day every day. I have NEVER in my life seen any baby love there lovies more than Jules. It is going to be a VERY hard habit to break!
    • Jules is totally NOT the little laid-back lady I thought she would be. She has a temper and she is not afraid to use it! She fights back to Jillian all day! I have two very strong-willed ladies on my hands! It is actually humorous to watch Jules and Jilly get into a fight. Jules will just start yelling at the top of her lungs until I resolve the situation! Ha...good times.
    • Jules has a HUGE vocabulary and talks all the time. Ok, I swear I am not being a braggy mom, because I don't think this qualifies Jules as a genius or anything...but the child says EVERYTHING. I don't even know how she learned some of the words she says. I know it is true because her teachers at school and in Sunday school have told me how shocking it is that she says way more than the other babies that are much older than her! I guess it helps having a mommy and big sister who talk to much, huh?
    • My favorite thing she says is thank you. She started saying thank-you around July of this summer (15 months) and she says it all the time...and at the right time! It is really so cute and sweet to hear her be so polite!
    • Jules has really become a picky eater lately. She used to eat anything and everything and that just isn't the case anymore. I have a hard time sending her lunch to school because I can't think of much that she likes! Her favorites are hot dogs (dog dogs). She eats turkey hot dogs all the time. She also has a major sweet tooth like her sister!
    • She has an obsession with my Dad. She will just start talking about Papaw in the middle of the day when we haven't even seen him. She really loves her Papaw. She now has started chanting..."Papaw, Mimi, CC" So, she is a sucker for the grandparents!!!!!
    • Jules loves to draw. She is constantly raiding Bis Sis' art center and getting a colored pencil and coloring book. She LOVES to color!
    • Jules...who LOVED the water this summer...has recently started HATING bath time. I don't know if it is the water or what...but it is a really unpleasant time of the day aroud here. Like she stands there and screams until I bathe her quickly and get her out. I sure hope she grows out of this before next summer because you cannot be in our family and not swim every day!

Jules t 1 month

Jules at 6 months

Jules at 12 months

Jules at 18 months

And my personal fave...VICTORY over the monthly-picture bear!!!!

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Lea Liz said...

Happy 18 months!! She is just adorable... she has jsut gotten cuter and cuter and prettier and prettier!!!!

I am realizing how fast they grow up now that I have one of my own and it is all happening way too fast!!!

Mindy said...

She looks sooo long in that last picture-where she has conquered that dang monthly bear! ha! Good job Jules. I cant believe she is 18 months old. Guess that means time for another?

Allison said...

that is so funny she finally sat on the bear...did jillian ever do that?