Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Potty Training SUCKS Part II

First of all...let me just say that I am sorry for my blogging absence. I just can't seem to get into the groove of blogging in the new year! But, I promise to get over that really quick! I mean, I have a new camera, and I MUST use it. So Dad, Mom, and any other readers that might still be with me...I Will be posting on a more regular basis! So, back to our regularly scheduled blog...potty training.

Ok, now all I have to say is that potty training is for suckers! I mean, to sit here at the will (and STRONG will at that) of my 2 year old and beg her all day to keep her panties dry is a joke! Jillian is smart...she always has been...and now she is really trying to outsmart me with the pottying. I had her in panties all last week and she did not go potty on the potty once. ONCE people!!!! More importantly, she also did not have many accidents at all. We even went to the grocery store in panties and no accidents. Of course this did include me running like a mad woman through the store and asking Jillian if her panties were still dry about a hundred times, and rewarding her with marshmallows...but whose counting??? So, my conclusion is that she knows what she is doing, she is just trying to fight me on actually achieving what I want her to. I mean, the girl is making all of her dolls potty. She even knows to pull down their panties and then put them on the potty. So, I have decided that she can just do it when she is ready...which is some great advice from MANY people I have talked to. I will continue to try and put her in panties at home...but I am not going to push so hard...because she is pushing right back!

Here are some cute pictures of cousin Emerson and Jillian trying to potty together. They sat on their potties and watched the Elmo potty DVD together, but no luck. Em did have a little potty in her potty, and they both ended up going on my dining room chairs. It was hilarious...I had two potty trainers and a teether begging for my attention! What a combo!!!!!

Jillian and Emmy on their potties

Emmy still giving it the ole college try while Jillian has now shut the potty and is sitting on top.

LOVE. THIS. PICTURE!!!!! Jillian is watching as Emerson really seems to contemplate actually going in her potty! I feel like I should give her a newspaper or something!!!

Again...Emmy is hilarious! She looks like she is really pushing here, which was NOT the case...just a funny face!

I think what they are saying here is "WE GIVE UP!!!!"

Oh well, when all else fails, just have fun!

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Summer said...

Oh my goodness, those pictures turned out so funny. The one of Em sitting like she is in deep thought while Jilly looks on is hilarious. And, I love the last one. Poor Jules, is trying to get in on the action.
One day, ONE DAY, we will get both of these girls potty-trained!

Rachel said...

OH B!!! I feel your pain! One day she will be potty trained and you might laugh about this =)...I am impressed, I am in complete denial with O.

Courtney Rogers said...

I sit here and laugh picturing all of this! But I know my time will come and you can laugh at me! These pictures say it all!

Marty Rhea Hill said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! I guess I wasn't the only one missing your posts. Love the photo's!!!!!!!

Kimberly said...

That is hillarious! As with everything else I know Adalie will be the same way as Jillian. I keep pushing it off but I guess eventually I'm going to have to do it. Hopefully you can give me some tips by the time I am brave enough to start trying.

Lane said...

This is hilarious!! They will probably not like you very much for those pictures one day, but they are priceless!! :)