Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby...Its Cold Outside!

You know I just LOVE matching outfits and the girls now have these precious pink warm up outfits! Since we never got out of the 30's yesterday, the girls put on their matching outfits and tennis shoes and looked my humble motherly opinion! By the way...almost impossible these days to get Jules to take a picture! Isn't that the way it goes??? I finally have Jillian sitting still and smiling right when Jules crosses over!!!! Maybe in about a year I will get another good one of them both! HA!

Jillian trying her best to control Baby Jules! After this picture, Jilly's hair was never the was static electricity OVERLOAD!!!!

Well, at least Jillian is looking cute! You can see how Jules is always on the move. She hardly sits still when you hold her too...always looking around for the next best thing to do!

Ok, Ok, this one turned out pretty stinking cute. But, it was the first one I took. My sister and I firmly believe that the first 5 pictures you take will be your best and then it goes down hill from there!

This was when I first tried to get their picture outside with this frigid Texas wind! I think Jillian's face says it all!

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Dirk said...

Great pictures. Can't wait to see the girls!

Rachel said...

Sweet pictures!! I love their outfits!!

I am starting to get a bump,UGH!

Carolyn said...

Oh man these are cute pictures! I love the matching outfits, you and Sum are so good at that. You know if I ever have girls they will run around naked and unmatched forever...but they will have cute braids and pigtails!

BTW, if you ever stop procreating maybe we can take a girls trip!! NYC with you would be a BLAST!

Love you!!!

Tara Gibson said...

sweet pictures! Me and my child(sadie) have matching pink warm-up outfits too : )

Lane said...

So cute!! At least you're not here where it was 4 degrees last night!

annalee said...

oooh, oooh cuties!

Mindy said...

I am seriously laughing out loud at Jilly's face. Such a great picture moment and so glad you caught it. I agree on the first 5 pics turning out to be the best, so why must we continue to take like 50 thousand after those first 5???

Elizabeth said...

I agree- adorable little girls and I love, love their pink jumpsuits!