Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's A Girl!!!!

Ha Ha Ha!!! Ok, now that I have your attention...I would love to announce that I ACTUALLY have a new sister! My mom and dad our the proud owners of a precious new kitten! My mom has always loved the name Paisley and has begged Summer and I to use it on one of our girls (and for the record...I really loved it, but it got overruled in my house!). So, since this is my mom's favorite name...the new kitten is Paisley! I am so excited for my mom. We have always had a cat growing up, and it has been years since our last cat died. So...YEAH to my mom and dad! It makes me want to get one...SORT OF! Actually, I will just have the babies if my parent's will have the kittens!

Precious Paisley...she is gray and white with beautiful green eyes!

Mimi and her newest love

Papaw always tries to act like he doesn't just adore these cats...but our cats ALWAYS seem to prefer him!

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Carolyn said...

Oh my goodness Paisley is SUCH a cute name and that cat is adorable!! I need to meet her!!

Tara Gibson said...

that is an adorable cat and i am so not a cat person! love the name

Lane said...

Too cute! Too bad I'm allergic!

Mindy said...

Paisley is sooo cute. I love kittens too, just not in my house. :)

Mittig family said...

I do love that name! And I have to say, I'm so NOT a cat person, but now that Santa brought us one, I'm learning to love them! And they're GREAT with kids-It's almost tiding me over on having another baby!