Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Jules is 9 Months Old...

...and yes, we still call her Baby Jules...everyone does! I think we will be dropping her off at college and still calling her Baby Jules! I love it! So...what has this Baby been up to in her ninth month??? are just a few things that we would like to remember...

  • She is saying Mama, Dada, Baba, and Bye Bye. I don't really know what baba is for...just chatter, I think. But she definitely knows Dada, Mama, and ByeBye...and what they mean. She will wave ByeBye occasionally, but that is usually when she is at one end of the room, and Seth, Jilly, and I are at the other all waving to her. That is when we can get a wave out of our girl.
  • She is TOTALLY having MAJOR separation anxiety these days. I have been taking her to the gym since 3 months old (not a regular 6 days a week or anything...but enough that the gym is no strange place!!). Well...they come and get me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. at about 26 minutes into the workout. Nice. I guess she does not want me skinny any time soon! I have Summer to vouch for me...because we work out together about 3 times a week, and without fail, the workers come find me! With Jillian, she would cry when I dropped her off, but then was fine after like 2 minutes. Not Baby Jules...she has some serious crying endurance! She cries and cries for me. I may have to start running on the treadmill will my 9 month old in the Baby Bjorn! Wouldn't that be a lovely sight??? Also, we have been taking her to the nursery at church for about 2 months now...and they also page me within about 15 minutes of church. They try with her, but she cries whether being held or put down. So...I guess my number 1 fan these days is Baby Jules! And the biggest problem, is that I DO NOT see this ending any time soon! So...I guess I will be NOT skinny and NOT taking communion for who knows how long...2 things that are VERY important to me (not necessarily in that order)!!!!
  • Baby Jules has pretty much given up all baby food. I can get her to eat a combination of rice cereal and fruit in the morning, but other than that...she wants the real thing! She is eating LOTS of frozen veggies, turkey dogs, cheese toast, blueberries, and bananas. The girl is NOT afraid to try anything on our plate...and she usually loves it. This includes tuna, salmon, spaghetti, vegetables, muffins...etc., etc.! You name it, and she will try it.
  • Baby Jules is still a big crawler...going on 3 full months now, and no sign of wanting to walk on her own just yet. She does walk around the couch and pushes walking toys, but no attempt at taking that first step just yet. My guess is that she will do it in her 11th month...just a hunch! I know she will want to walk by her first birthday in April.
  • She is a GREAT nighttime sleeper and a poor napper. She usually sleeps from 7 p.m. to 7:30-8 a.m! We love that about her. Naps though...not so great. She is a cat napper. But, I always say that I would rather her sleep at night!
  • At her 9 month app today, she weighed 17.5 pounds and was 27 inches long. That puts her in the 25th percentile for both. Her head was beyond the 50th! So, both my girls tend to be skinny and small with larger heads! They get the skinny from their daddy and the smart brains from their mommy! :)
  • She still just has two teeth on the sign of the top ones coming in. This does not stop her eating at all...she can eat with right along with any kid with a full set of teeth!
  • There is another big milestone, but for legal purposes...I can't tell you until she turns one! is something that has made my life WONDERFUL again! More on that later! :)

Baby Jules at 9 months!!!

Jillian at 9 months for comparison!

Pictures of Jules in her 9th month...

Doing some teething. I HATE these things because they get so messy...but it sure does buy me some time to cook or unload the dishwasher!

Jules can really feed herself great! Here she is eating black beans and brown rice! Oh yeah and it looks like there were some sweet potatoes in there too!

Baby Jules laughing! She smiles with her whole face and I love it!

Jules celebrated her very first Christmas!!!!

and opened her very first stocking!!!

Baby Jules sported her first ponytail. We haven't worn it out yet because it doesn't support any of our rather large hairbows. We are getting close though! The comb over is definitely thickening up!

Baby Jules flashing me her baby blues!

Doing lots of crawling...and fast too! I would loose her if I didn't have Jillian as my faithful assistant letting me know Baby Jules' every move!

Following me EVERYWHERE! Every time I look down...I see this right here at my feet!

Baby Jules having LOTS of fun on her new Christmas present! She loves this thing...whenever Jillian allows her to ride it! Seth pushes it up and down and Baby Jules laughs so hard!

Here is Baby Jules eating again. I was practicing with my new camera...and the preflash was really messing with her! She kept squinting right as I took the picture. I have about 10 of these.

See??? The flash was too bright for her!

The outtakes! This is what 8 out of 10 of the monthly pictures look like! I am lucky to find a good one!!!

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Mittig family said...

I love her big blue eyes! And I totally know what the last "secret" milestone is and I'm with you a hundred percent!

Carolyn said...

There is another big milestone, but for legal purposes...I can't tell you until she turns one! is something that has made my life WONDERFUL again! More on that later!

Ok NOT FAIR! What a tease you are!!!

I love that she is such a mamma's girl, it's too cute. :)

Katie said...

I'm dying to know what in the world you are talking about!?!?!

She's precious! LOVE the big baby blues!

Elizabeth said...

I'm guessing it involves a britax,graco, or peg perego(sp)? Am I right?

Okay, so the separation anxiety sounds bad, but I would trade.. Merrill still doesn't sleep like that at night. I'm impressed that you keep going to the gym! Maybe just one time you will get to finish that workout!!!

Mindy said...

Her eyes are so killer! She is going to kill the boys with those one day. :) And hello??? you totally can not mention something but then not tell your faithful blog readers!!! Cough it up, come on B!

Brittney said...

Oh my word...I had no idea that the surprise milestone was going to be the biggest item in this post! HA! Well...I will spill it sooner rather than later, but I know their might be some haters on the subject! That is why I like to keep it quiet. Jillian had the same milestone at 9 months and she has lived to tell the story!!!!

I will tell...very soon!!!!

Lane said...

I can't believe how big she's getting! She is so adorable! :)

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