Monday, January 19, 2009

Funny Updates

If you know Jillian AT ALL, then you know that she NEVER falls asleep anywhere except her bed. She doesn't sleep in the car, in our bed, on the couch, in her high chair as a place where most kids tend to nod off. Well, on Sunday, Seth and Jillian were playing a new Wii game and I was just watching. Seth was sitting on our ottoman and Jillian was standing between his legs. She was also "playing"...which means she holds the remote and goes through all the motions. Well, after a while, I look over and the child had passed out...standing up...playing Wii! I could not believe my eyes...this just does not happen! So, after I snapped a few pictures, I was able to carry her to bed and she didn't even wake up...what a miracle!

What a sweet little sleeping baby!

Her is her precious little hand still holding onto her controller

What a sweet face!
And then in Baby Jules news, she is finally saying Mama!!!!! YEAH for me! She has been saying Dada for weeks now, and it is about time I got my shout out too! Also, here are a couple of pictures of her first ponytail! She doesn't have the BEST hair at this point, but I was able to gather up her comb-over and put it in a ponytail...looks pretty cute!

Check out my new do!

Sweet Cheeks!

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Carolyn said...

Jilly is too funny falling asleep like that...such a daddy's girl!

You know I LOVE ponytails and Jules looks too sweet with hers...I love those cheeks!!!

Rachel said...

Cute pictures!! Don't yall love the Wii??!! And that ponytail is presh!!!!

Dallas said...

LOVE that picture of Jules! Such a cutie!

Mittig family said...

LOVE the ponytail! And pics of children passing out in random places is always funny-I can't believe she fell asleep standing up! What game is that that bored her so?

Marty Rhea Hill said...

Your baby girls are sooooo cute. Love the photos.

Lane said...

How precious are both of those little sweethearts!?!?

Oh and I can't wait to have another trust me...Lord willing, he will get a baby sister sometime! :)