Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Week In Paradise...

Last week, Seth and I were SOOOOOOOOOOO happy to fly down to Mexico and attend one of our VERY best friend's wedding! Our great buddy, Matt (from Harding) got married to our new BF Cristy! We have been planning this trip since February, and we could NOT WAIT to meet up with our old college crew...minus Mindy, of course. The trip DID NOT disappoint because we had just the best time with each other, with our best friends, and in a GORGEOUS place!!!!

But, before I talk about the trip...I must set up our room situation. We were all supposed to book through the travel agent, but the date to do so was before Jules was even due to be born. I just didn't feel comfortable booking without even knowing how the birth would go and if everything would be perfect with Jules. So, we waited and ended up booking our trip later with Expedia. We kept thinking that we were going to get the crap room, since we booked ourselves. But, we ended up getting this AWESOME room in these villas...and the best part...we got our VERY OWN golf cart to use for the week!!!!!!!!!!! It was so much fun...I have definitely put a golf cart down on my Christmas list this year. See below...

Seth and Me on our new wheels! that was a "real nice surprise" as Cousin Eddie would say....but, really the highlight of our trip was catching up with our friends!!! Also...we were so pleased to see another friend married off. Now we just have to marry off any takers, can just email me...I am his agent!

Here is the old gang...minus Mindy. The 6 of us were pretty inseparable for like the last year and a half at Harding! AHHHHHHHHH...good times...those were the days!

Parrish, Me, Matthew, Seth, and David

Seth, Me, David, and Parrish...our first night there...just a little sunburned.

AND NOW...the many pictures of the boys...because you know I would rather be behind the lens than in front!

Big P, Matt, Seth, and David at the rehearsal dinner

Parrish, David, Matthew, and Seth on our last night in Mexico. Seth has on his finest Mexican Corona shirt! (Thank to Mimi!!!!)

Seth, David, and Parrish

Seth, Parrish, David

Seth and his FAVORITE boys...

David and Seth

Big P and Seth

Matthew Gordon and Seth

And this would be like the only shot of us 2 the whole trip...oh well. And its blurry!

David and the he likes to call her! Lindsay is due with their first baby on Jules due date in April!!!! Lindsay was SUCH a trooper to hang out with all of us college Mexico...all inclusive (if you know what I mean)! She never even complained and just was along for the ride (in the golf cart) the whole time! We had a great time hanging out with her!

Mrs. Matthew Gordon Lawrence...AKA Cristy..isn't she adorable?

Seth and P at the pool

This might be my FAVORITE picture from our whole trip! This would be Parrish coming back from the bar with some goodies for us! You have to know Parrish to appreciate how SWEET this picture is!!! (and yes, Mindy...Parrish's hair IS long enough to fit into a ponytail!)

Here is Matt and his groomsmen...

Seth, Matt, Dave, and Parrish...they all looked VERY handsome on Matt's wedding day.

Here are the boys doing a "quick drink" to help calm Matt's nerves RIGHT before the wedding...

The groom, Dave, Seth, Parrish, and Cristy's brother

The FAB 5...Matt, B, Seth, P, and Dave

Cristy rode up on a horse and carriage! It was really beautiful!!!

Here are Matt and Cristy listening to Matt's Dad, Gordon, give his speech during the wedding. It was really sweet what Mr. Gordon had to say.

Seth was lucky enough to escort Matt's sister, Heather, who we also knew at Harding. Heather was SOOOOO much fun to hang out with in Mexico!

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Gordon Lawrence...aren't they adorable???
Ok, so the wedding was at 1:00 pm...and it was freaking HOT! So, we honestly stayed at the reception for like 20 minutes...and then we had to go. Between the sunburns and the heat, we were all dying. So, we met up with all the Memphis people in this AWESOME pool.

The Memphis Crowd...

Martha, Lindsey, B, and The Mrs.

Matt's sweet parents...who I ADORE!!!!!! Gordon and Judy and their relatives.

The Memphis much fun!

Our table
We really had so much fun on this trip and can't wait to get together with this group again REALLY soon! But, this would NOT have been possible without our parents! Seth's parents...B-Pa and CC...and Seth's Aunt Lynn were here to take AMAZING care of Jillian! She got so spoiled and had a blast. Also, my parent's kept Baby Jules...who just happened to decide to cut 2 more teeth while we were gone! needless to say, my Mom and Dad had to work overtime trying to keep Jules not in pain and happy! Between Mimi, Papaw, CC, B-Pa, Great Aunt Lynn, Aunt Summer and family, and AWESOME Uncle Caleb...they all handled the girls and took great care of them so that Seth and I could enjoy our vacation without any worries! We love them all more than they know!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad everyone was there! Cristy and I love u all and are SOOO happy that everyone had as wonderful a time as we did. Thanks for helping make our wedding PERFECT!
Matt & Cristy

Anonymous said...

no mention of p?

annalee said...

SO MUCH FUN! i want to go to mexico tomorrow. so happy for y'all!

Katie said...

OH I am SOOOO jealous!!! Looks like an awesome trip! Makes me want to book a "weekend Mexican getaway" right away! What a fun group of friends. Our very close friends are getting married in Mexico next week...since we have a 2 month old, we decided not to go.

Mittig family said...

What a fun trip! How are you so tan in November?????????? JEALOUS!

Carolyn said...

B those pictures are so great, I am extatic ya'll had such a good time! Your tan is going to piss me right off though!!
Matt and Cristy looked AWESOME, congratulations you two!
B you look really good in the pictures too, you're so photogenic and your blonde hair just pops!

this post is awesome on SO MANY levels.... ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the blog! And we had so much fun with you guys on the trip! Parrish is such the ladies man - you can't retire him yet. :)
Love, Paige

Mindy said...

Aw how awesome! I am so happy for matt! So sad I missed it :( and everyone there. You guys look great :)

Summer said...

Your pictures turned out great. It looks like it was a beautiful wedding and a fun trip. I am glad you enjoyed it. You look so pretty in your pics!

Elizabeth said...

What a fun trip and great pictures! I really can't imagine what it would be like to be around adults all week! I recognize some of the names in the pictures from you and/or Martha Lynn, maybe? Congrats to the bride and groom!

Courtney Rogers said...

Congrats to Matt and Cristy! Thanks for sharing the awesome pictures!

Lane said...

Wow! Congrats to Matt! I am so jealous that you guys got to go to Mexico right now. Now you're going to have a gorgeous tan in the middle of winter when the rest of us are all pasty!! :) The pictures are great and it looks like you guys had so much fun!

Rachel said...

What a fun trip!! Yall looked great and looked like you had an awesome time!! I am sooooo jealous sitting here in my scarf!!!!!

Yall deserved a good trip!!!