Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jillian Got Her Hair Did

Jillian is almost 2 1/2 and I decided that is was finally time for her to get her first haircut. Jillian has had a lot of different hairdo's in her 2+ short years...and so here is the history of her hair in pictures:

She was born with a head FULL of dark hair...very weird since Seth and I are both really blonde.

Then, around 3 months old, it all fell out...overnight...COMPLETELY BALD! It was super weird for her to have all this hair and then to have nothing!

So, after the Great Hair Loss of '06 took place (Jillian 3 months old), Jillian's hair has been growing and growing. really did grow! J has a lot of hair for her age! Many people out in stores often think she is older just because of all of her hair. is about time that we got a little trim...because it was starting to look a little long and unkept...and I don't want her to be THAT KID whose Mom thinks long hair is so great even if it is really just a big mess!

So here is Jillian outside of the hair salon...

Before haircut

Now I realize this isn't the greatest picture. The night before was Halloween and Jillian had slept in her cave girl she had major ponytail crease/bed head! It didn't always look this bad! But, you can see how long and wild it was getting!

Here she is getting her hair washed. I though FOR SURE she was going to freak out! But, with the help of a nice pink dum dum...the washing was a breeze!

My big girl...her first trip to the beauty shop!

Jillian picked to watch Barney as her viewing pleasure during her "spa" day.

She even got to sit in a red firetruck during the cut

Being a good fact this was the best she has been in a while! :)


The AFTER shot...doesn't it look so much better!

She looks really old little girl growing up!

They even gave me this little souvenir for Jillian's scrapbook!

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Mindy said...

so sweet. She did such a good job during that hair cut! Way to go Jilly. Where did you take her with all that fun stuff for kids to do during their hair cut?? I dont know that Ill ever be able to get Elems cut!

Amy said...

Are they a hair salon after your own heart or WHAT??? I'm SURE they gave you a souvenir! The first time I took Truett to the dentist, they had something similar where they took his picture with the dentist and put it in a little paper frame. Gotta love the people who cater to the 'moment treasurers' (a.k.a. 'psychos') like us! :)

Rachel said...

I love Jilly's new do!! She is gorgeous =)!!

Allison said...

I still haven't cut George-Anna's hair, although, she doesn't have much yet! Her hair looks gorgeous I love little Jillian...note to self upon introduction bring dum dum. Love you!

Elizabeth said...

Oh it looks so pretty! But, I liked it pre-cut too! We don't grow hair like that in TN!! Jillian is so pretty!

Carolyn said...

Ok that hair salon is so great for giving you that little souvenier! (sp?)

She is gorgeous and I love her healthy long hair, even if she does have bed head!!

Mittig family said...

She did so great! And her hair really does look so healthy after her spa day! We got Maggie's cut this week too-the mullett had to go! Have fun in Mex!

Rachel H. said...

Random comment...I found your blog through someone else's, and I don't even remember who. SO cute! You have two of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen.

Lane said...

How sweet! She has such pretty here!! How cool that they gave you that for her scrapbook.

Sandi said...

Looks beautiful! They sure cater to kids at your salon -- how fun!

Kimberly said...

Love her hair! Can I admit I'm jealous?? Can you send some of her old locks down here to transplant on Adalie's head? JK! I am def. learning from your experience and going to a kid place next time!