Monday, November 24, 2008

Jules is 7 Months Old

Jules officially turned 7 months old on Saturday. I know I sound like a broken record...but can that be? I just don't understand how time is just flying by faster than ever. There are some days where I definitely feel like "Groundhog Day" and I only dream of working out and showering on a regular basis. But, then I step back and see that it really is going by fast and I want to cherish every moment with these girls while they are so innocent and needing me all the time.

Anyway...back to the main girl.
  • At just 7 months old, Baby Jules is officially EVERYWHERE! She started really crawling EVERYWHERE right at 6 months...then pulling up everywhere...and now there is no stopping her. She can get anywhere she wants and climbs on anything and everything. She is even not eating as much (and you know this child loves to eat) because that would require her to sit still...and that is just no fun for Baby Jules.
  • She is on all baby foods...veggies and fruits.
  • She still takes about 5 bottles every day...when I can get her to finish them.
  • She is VERY sensitive. If she gets her feelings hurt or falls down, she cries big ole alligator tears and wants to be cuddled. Once you hold her, she will quit crying for a minute...then she seems to remember that her feelings are hurt, and she will cry again. It is very sweet.
  • She is the happiest baby of all time. Baby Jules has a giant smile on her face at all times.
  • She has two teeth on the bottom, and I think she is cutting at least one more down there. I don't feel any at the top yet.

Jules at 7 months old

Jillian at 7 months old (for comparison)

Here is what Baby Jules has been up to in pictures:

Eating LOTS of real food. I am sure she will be on all table food before I know it.

So happy to be eating real food. Bottles are so 2 months ago.

Jillian and Baby Jules both were sick over a two week period with fever, colds, and ear infections. Jules was placed on antibiotics which cause a MAJOR red booty for a couple of weeks. We spent many days taking LOTS of baths (like 4 or 5 a day) and walking around naked...them, NOT me, don't worry!!!

My sweet naked baby

"Mom, how BETTER not put this one on the blog!"

Here is my girl taking LOTS of oatmeal baths...

Jules already multitasks...she can take a bath for a red booty, and teeth on a foamy letter all at the same time!

Good thing that she LOVES the bath! She at least had fun when she didn't feel good!

Here is Jules doing what she does the best...CRAWLING! The child cannot be stopped!

I can hardly get my monthly picture!

Even her favorite BIG BROWN BOW couldn't hold her down...this girl is on the move.

Come on Baby Jules...hold that big bow up!

Here are the girls in their new matching Christmas outfits from Mimi. All 5 girls have them matching and they are tooooooooooooo cute! There will be some pictures of all 5 soon!
Baby Jules in her tutu and cute!

Sweet sisters!
During Jules' 7th month, I left her for the first time. Seth and I went to Mexico for Matt's wedding...and we left Jules with my parents. We had to plan the trip before she was even born, and I DID NOT want to leave my 6 month old at that time. But, Seth thought it would be best not to haul her off to a foreign country, so I made the choice to leave her...and felt like a bad mom to leave my little baby so young. But, she got taken GREAT care of by my parents...and even spent some time with B-Pa, CC, and Great Aunt Lynn, who were caring for Jillian. (I have no pictures of Jules with B-Pa, CC, and Great Aunt Lynn from this week...but will after Thanksgiving) Jules did great, except for deciding to cut MORE teeth while I was gone...and keeping my parents up for an entire night one night! Great...I hope they invite her back! So, with the teething, came more red booty, so Jules took lots of baths for Mimi and Papaw too!

Here is Mimi with Jules and Jillian on the day we came home

Here is Papaw feeding Baby Jules

Taking a bath in Mimi's new kitchen!

And another bath...
And of course, what month would be complete without a little loving from the Dale cousins! All 3 of these girls are IN LOVE with Jules...especially Macy and Emerson. Summer and I have to watch those two with Baby Jules because they just might smother her with their love! They are both always all over her and in her face...but Baby Jules doesn't seem to mind too much.

Emerson, Ansley, Baby Jules, and Macy
BTW...if you are my blogging friend, I have not been commenting on anyones blogs because it is taking me so long to catch up on everything (blogs and TIVO...embarrasing, I know!) from being gone all last week! Don't give up on me...I am reading and will be back with my regular comments very soon!

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Elizabeth said...

Love all the pictures as usual! I think the girls look so much alike in their 7 month shot- do you? Such cute little girls! Love the red-booty shot!

Kathy said...

I am all too familiar with the red booty caused by antibiotics, but I figured out a way to prevent it. Give them Yo-Baby yogurt every day while they are on antibiotics - no more red booty!! Hope this prevents any pain in the future.

Allison said...

Best thing ever for RED BOOTY is Lantiseptic cream and Zeabadorf-AD Powder. Seriously by the next diaper change you will see results. My doctor told me about it and if you have a hard time finding it up there, send me your address and I will mail it to you. Promise, ask Aunt Carol I am good for my word on mailings!! So let me know if you are interested, it is MAGIC CREAM!! You won't be disappointed!!

Carolyn said...

I LOVE NAKED BABY BUTTS!!!! (I'm the Godmother people, not some creepy pedophile, I promise!) Jules is just getting too big, it has got to stop!!!

Rachel said...

Such a cute post with some presh pictures!!! She is growing up too fast and I love that you call her baby Jules always...unfortunately we call Owen big O???

Hope we see yall this weekend???