Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jilly + Cousin Emmy = BFF

Well...Seth and I just got back from our best friend's wedding in Mexico all last week and we had SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun. I will post about that later...but for now, here is some pictures of Jillian and her BFF...

Last week, Jillian's BFF Emerson came over for a play date. These girls had so much together playing with toys and running around like crazy! I think they are going to be TROUBLE one day together!!!!

Here are these sweet girls having some fun...

Lots of Love

Riding on Jillian's rocking horses...they kept fighting over the big one

Still riding...what you can't see is that each girl has on one of Jillian's shoes and one of Emerson's shoes. They both have a CRAZY obsession with shoes...any shoe

Here they are eating lunch together

Here is Emmy helping Baby Jules with her bottle

Such big helpers!

Emmy...we had so much fun! Come back and play with us!

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Carolyn said...

They are too cute B, and you are all so lucky to have the Dale girls so close to you!
I MISS YOU!! I have got to hear all about the trip, we have lots to catch up on...I'll call you tomorrow morning when I am running late for work.

Summer said...

I love those two girls. What a blessing - built in best friends!

Rachel said...

Sweet sweet pictures!!! Love that their pants match!!!

Hope you had a great trip and have pictures!!!!