Monday, September 24, 2007

We have a climber!

Jillian has always been really mobile and really active from about 6 months on. Well, these days she is getting more and more fearless. She climbs on everything and seems to not be scared of ANYTHING! This may be...well, WILL BE trouble for us in the future. Here are a couple of "instances" where I have found Jillian climbing on rubbermaid boxes, the subwolfer, her toys...etc., etc. The last couple of pictures are when Jillian had run back into the guest room to do who knows what...and I heard her whining. I went in there, and she had climbed up on these tubs of her old baby clothes and didn't know how to get back down!

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Elizabeth Byerly said...

Hey Brittney! I'm glad that you found my blog! I hadn't come across yours yet, but I'm sure I would have with time!This whole blogging thing is wild. Your little Jillian is adorable, and congrats on #2! I keep meaning to do one of those counter things, but keep forgetting! I'll email you!