Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sick Day

Jillian went in for her 15 month check up at the doctor's office yesterday. She weighed 21 pounds (25%), was 30 inches tall (35%)...and her lovely head was nearing the 75% percentile. She also got two shots in her little legs! Last night, she started running a fever...which could either be from the shots or from a virus that cousin Emerson caught last week. Either way, she can't seem to shake the fever today. So, we spent the day laying around, watching The Wiggles, and trying to eat some ice cream. Anyone who knows Jillian KNOWS that she does not cuddle, sit in laps, or sit still...but today for the first time, she has done all three! I am loving that she is sitting with me on the couch and letting me love on her while she is sick. Here are a couple of pictures of Jilly looking a little sad and pathetic.

Tyson is never too far...if someone is on the couch, he wants to be right there too!


Carol said...

A#1 Tyson's breath could kill a small army
B#2 JJ is quite possibly (besides Lily and Avery, you know this) the cutest girl alive!
C#3 Can i come over and lay on your couch whilst you feed me ice cream please?

Mindy said...

okay so please note that the first pic could quite possible be the most pitiful little pic of Jilli yet. SO freaking cute. And sad all at the same time.