Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me...NOT!

Little Miss Jillian decided that 364 days a year devoted to her were just not enough, and so she decided that she would be sick on my birthday too! :) Ha Ha! Her little fever that she had on Monday turned into the virus from cousin Emerson. I took her into the doctor and she showed me all of the little white bumps all over Jillian's throat. Poor Baby! This explained why she wouldn't eat, sleep, suck from a straw...etc., etc. So, I have had her on Motrin and Tylenol for the past two days and she seems to be doing much better...even slept through the night last night...which is SO important to me! I am spoiled by a good sleeper! Here are a couple pictures from my birthday on Wednesday. My mom made some lunch and Jillian and I went over to eat with her. Of course, I am not in the pictures (sorry Mindy and Carolyn)! I just forgot and only took a couple of my sick baby.

Jillian did manage to eat a couple of mini cupcakes! Funny how those didn't seem to bother her throat any! You can see she doesn't feel so great in her little eyes.
Emerson, Mimi, Jillian, and Macy. You can see all of the drool on J's dress which is another symptom of her little throat sores.


Elizabeth Byerly said...

Poor thing... It's so frustrating that they can't talk to you and tell you exactly what hurts! Happy late birthday! I hope that you get to celebrate at some point with a well baby!

Carol said...

If its any consolation, September 26th has always been and will always be my best friends birthday and nothing else!! I hope Jilly is ready to stay wih daddy on Saturday!!!

cjs said...

You so totally stole my blog format! Or maybe I stole yours . . j/k! Carolyn told me about your blog and I just thought I'd say hi! I hope y'all are doing well.

Corey Slovick

The Brown Family said...

Girl, I feel your pain! Sterling has had that before. It's aweful. So sorry! Happy late birthday though!

Mindy said...

gosh happy late bday to you!!!!!!! we luv aunt B!

Anonymous said...

I was looking at Elizabeths blog and saw yours. I couldn't believe it. I cannot believe Jillian is so big and you have another one on the way. She is soooo cute. No babies and no blogs for me. Hope everything in Texas is going well. I am glad I got to see your pictures. Congratulations on the new baby. Martha Lynn