Thursday, September 20, 2007

Aunt B's Daycare

So, I am keeping Jillian's cousin Emerson every Thursday while Summer teaches at Macy's school. Well, the girls have such a good time together...playing on the floor together and climbing all over eachother. It is really fun to watch them just mostly co-exist at this point. This is also giving me an opportunity to teach Jillian that she has to share her toys. J knows she is bigger than Emerson, so she kind of bullies her around a little by stealing back her toys! But we are working on it. Here are some cute pictures of the two in action.

Eating Lunch Together

Playing on the floor


Sitting and Lying Down

Sitting...see all the different things we do everyday!!!

Hanging out in the toy box...yes that is drool on J's shirt

Watching some Baby Einstein before naptime


The Brown Family said...

Too cute! Looks like they have a good time together! It's also going to get her ready for baby #2! I'm so excited for you guys. How are you feeling?

Carol said...

gosh those are some cute girls! I love Jilly's thighs... :)

Mindy said...

haha ! Welcome to my world! So glad to see you are able to use these skills I taught you all those years ago! I knew you would be the perfect daycare teacher! Rock on B!