Saturday, May 5, 2012

More April Randomness

Here are several pictures of some fun things we did in April!

The girls and I went to the Dallas zoo with Summer and Emerson.  We had a REALLY great time together, and the weather was perfect!

Miss P stayed in her stroller the whole time!  Shocker!!!

The girls had to jump on every animal statue that they saw!

Here is what my car looked like on the way to the zoo.  It was very quiet in this car.  NOT!

Here is P having a good time playing in Ms. Cheryl's play stroller at butterfly school.

Jillian and one of our favorite friends, Hudson

Jules, Presley, Aislin, and Hadley
Jules and her favorite dance friends!

We have been going to the splash park in our neighborhood A LOT!

And just because it is April, it doesn't mean you can't swim!
Freezing water can't keep these Patterson girls out of the pool!

Jillian had her friend Morgan over to play.

This cutie loves to eat!  She spends lots of time in this high chair!

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