Monday, April 25, 2011

Paisley's Sip and See

 On March 12th, when Paisley was two weeks old, My mom, Summer, and Carolyn threw us a sip and see.  I really didn't think I should have  a shower this time since she was my THIRD girl, but they wanted to do a little something for me anyways.  It was a WONDERFUL shower and so thoughtful on all of their parts.  The food, table, and decorations were all just so adorable!  I know they all worked really hard for this and spent so much time preparing, and I am really grateful for all three!  Paisley, on the other hand, was not so grateful.  She spent the entire shower fussing/crying and being walked around outside of the shower.  So, the "see" part of the sip and see didn't really get to happen.  HA!  Oh well...I had a great time and was so grateful for all of my friends that came!

 Me and the hostesses (plus Kourtney)
Summer, Mimi, Kourtney, Me, and Carolyn

 There is that fussy honoree!  At least she looked adorable! 

 The yummy table

 More food and decorations

 The drinks

 I let Jillian come to the shower with me because she is SOOOOOO into Paisley and so into everything she wears.  I thought she would really enjoy the experience.  Ansley came also.  Here is Ansley reading a book to all the girls before Macy and Emmy left.  Ansley is so great about taking care of all of her little cousins and sisters!

 This picture perfectly describes Macy and her relationship to all of my babies.  Macy just loves so much and so hard with all of her heart that sometime she can't control her love.  She has always held onto my babies feet while I am holding them.  We used to joke that Jillian was going to be about 2 inches taller than she would have because Macy pulled on her feet so much!  

 Summer holding Paisley.  Summer spent the entire shower walking the baby in the laundry room, while Mom and I entertained the guests!

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