Monday, April 25, 2011


We had one wild and crazy weekend of non-stop partying starting with Jules' birthday party on Friday(more to come on that) and ending with Easter celebrations on Sunday!  It was a wonderful weekend to be together and I have so many pictures to share. I am going to first share about our Easter and then tell about Jules turning 3 later in the week!  Here are some fun cousin Easter pictures.

Paisley's First Easter

Opening Easter gifts from Mimi and Papaw

Jules...blurry because BOTH my cameras really SUCK now!

Jilly...also with sucky camera!

My 2 big girls.  Paisley is already asleep in the Bjorn.

Then we went to the church Easter party.  There was an obstacle course bounce house and Jules was ALL about it!  She flew through that thing about 35 times.  She was the youngest kid on there and was not scared of anything! It was really cute.

I guess turning three really boosted her confidence!


Jules not so sure about the Easter bunny.  Jillian wouldn't even go near him!

And THIS is the best Easter bunny picture we got.

There was a dunk tank there and Jillian really wanted to do it.  Seth and I were so shocked.  It is so out of character for her to want to do something like this...especially with the mess.  But she did!

Getting her face painted.  This was a mistake.  She decided to get her whole face painted like a bunny against my will.  It really made her face look scary and the girl did a NOT great job.  Sorry random girl!

Thank goodness Jules just got a flower on her face painting should be!

Here was Paisley at the Easter Egg hunt...I am wearing her in the Bjorn.  She slept through the whole thing!  Again, this is the only picture I have of her.  I didn't even get all three together in their adorable matching outfits!  I have got to get with it people!

Here is Jules' flower.  She wouldn't stand still long enough for me to get a good shot of her.  Plus, wearing a baby on you also makes for hard picture taking.

The Halloween Easter Bunny.  Isn't that awful?  I could have done a way better job!  YUCK!  This pretty much ruined the pictures from here on out!

Jillian was even too embarrassed to get in on the cousin picture.

Getting ready to hunt the eggs!

Go Jules Go!
Jules "Smiling" for the camera.  This is her new face every time I tell her to smile for the camera.  Nice.

Go Jilly Go!

The Haul

Time to dye some eggs

Paisley even got in on the action NOT trust this girl with an egg.  
Pretty much all of our eggs were cracked all up once it was all said and done!

Jillian working so hard and making each egg perfect.  My oldest two are SOOOOOO oposite!

Jules painting her egg

The final product

They were so proud and kept telling me how much fun they had! 

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Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

I cannot believe the heinous face painting! Way to ruin photo ops!

Paisley is so cute and I love that first picture of her!!