Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mother Of The Year

I am sure you all think this post is about me...but it is not.  Ha Ha Ha!  
It is about this woman right here...

My Mom

My Mom came to take care of us for the first week after we were home from the hospital because Seth had to go back to work.  Since I had had surgery, I was not supposed to drive or pick anything heavy up, and my mom sure didn't let me.  My mom always comes to help out for the first week after we have a baby and she has always been so helpful.  This time though, she just took care of everything without being asked and she went so above and beyond.  

I know what she wanted to do was to come in and hold the baby all week.  However, I don't think she even got to hold Paisley much because she was so busy doing everything else. She let me take care of my new baby and she did everything else: dishes, laundry, washed sheets, dropped off and picked up big girls from school, grocery shopped, took me to the doctor, drove us to Paisley's doctor...twice!, cleaned, cooked dinner, etc.  It was exactly what our family needed to be taken care of.  

The best part is that we also had a fun time just being together!  My mom and sisters and I are like best friends that just have the very best time together!  So this week was so fun and enjoyable that I didn't want it to end.  When my mom was leaving on Friday after a hard week's work, we both cried because we were sad that it was over!  (She may have been crying because she was GLAD it was over!)  Thank the Lord that she lives just a few streets away.  If she were getting on a plane to go somewhere far, I don't think I could survive!   

Mimi and the rag doll

tiny little bum


Sue J said...

Your mom is the Mother of the Year! I love her too!

trooppetrie said...

i do not know how i found your blog but it has thrilled me today. congrats on this precious blessing