Monday, March 28, 2011

Coming Home From The Hospital

 We had such a wondeful stay in our hosptial suite, that coming home wasn't nearly as fun as it usually is!  I could have stayed there forever and let people take care of me.  But, they wouldn't allow that, and we headed home on Sunday.  
Let me just tell you that our Coming Home day was one of the worst that I can remember.  If something could have gone wrong, it did.  First of all, the baby stopped nursing completely that morning.  I was already stressed about that, and then the baby nurse told me that Paisley had lost too much weight.  (Why couldn't my nurse have delivered the same news to me????)  So, I was crying and upset about all this bad news, while preparing to go home.  My parents brought the two other girls up to the hospital to help us get home because Seth's parents decided to head on home earlier that morning.  When my parents got there with the girls, Jules was NOT in a good mood because she had been sick...she was crying pretty much the entire time.  Jillian was just so excited about the baby, that she had a million questions and was talking non-stop.  It was CHAOS!  

We finally got all the crying/loud kids home from the hospital and all HELL broke loose.  My house was all out of sorts when I got home because there had been different people in and out all while I was gone.   Then the baby would not stop crying because she was hungry...but wouldn't eat.  My pump that I borrowed from a friend, also was not all.  This had me crying too...a lot!  Then wouldn't you know it, but Jules SIMULTANEOUSLY threw up and had diarrhea?  Seth and I were panicked.  And thanks to my hormones, I was a crying fool...I just couldn't stop. I kept thinking...what have we done??? Luckily, we had my parents and my sister Summer there to help out.  We would NOT have made it without them.  My dad and I  were putting sheets on the beds.  My mom was unloading/loading the dishwasher.  Seth was cleaning up a HUGE mess from Jules and taking care of her.  Summer was reading the directions for my pump and talking me off the ledge. 
 But, after a couple of hours of crazy, things calmed down and everything turned out fine.  They all went home and all the girls chilled out and our night was a lot less stressful.  By the next day, we had everyone well and eating again!  We knew we would survive!  Here are a few pictures of us coming home.  

 The star of the day...Miss Paisley Kate

 Looking so sweet in her coming home dress and her own sweet blanket that Mimi made.  It is the sweetest and most feminine little dress ever!

She must know what the day has in store...

Two girls that are SOOOOO ready to have Dad, Mom, and Baby home with them

Jillian just cannot get enough of her baby.  Seth and I are constantly having to tell her to give the baby some space.

Packing up

Doesn't this seat look so sweet and cozy?  I sure wish P thought the same.  She HATES it!  She cries all the time in it.  I guess someone forgot to tell her that she is a third child and will be spending quite a lot of time in the car and in that chair!

Here is Seth...Dad of the year.  
He is so great with our girls and has really just stepped it up because I have needed him to. 
We are four very lucky girls. 

I imagine that right at this moment Seth was thinking back to our college days and wondering how we went from those carefree days to married with 3 kids in just ten short years!  

 Isn't that just precious????

 Our first family picture

Okay, I am AWFUL looking in this picture.  I pretty much look as good as I was feeling at that moment.  I wouldn't normally share such ugliness with the world...but what do you do?


SueJ. said...

Brittney, I LOVE the pics! And Paisley's dress is beautiful! You are so lucky to have such a talented mom! AND, I think you look wonderful in the picture! Love your sweet family.

Brandi said...

Aw, I feel for you, that must have been horrible!! Glad that all is back to normal. I remember when we had our third and it was sooo chaotic and I too thought, what have we done???? Wouldn't change it for the world!!!! Your family is precious!!!!!