Friday, March 25, 2011

Hospital Pictures

Here are some of my favorite hospital pictures of our family and visitors that we had!

 Here I am in one of my final pregnant moments.  I would love to look like one of those glowing and beautiful pregnant woman...but really I just look swollen and FULL TERM!

 Our last moments as a family of 4!  I know the girls were a little worried here seeing me hooked up to all the machines. 

 There is nothing like your mom and sisters helping you take your mind off things!  We always have a great time laughing and making jokes!

 The girls in their big sister shirts anxiously awaiting their baby sister!

 Aunt K and Jules

 Summer coloring and entertaining Jillian and Jules

 Paisley's fan club

 Big girls checking out the baby

 Seth looking so relieved that the baby is here and healthy.  I am sure he is telling a really funny story here!  :)

 Baby girl with LOTS of hair

 Looking just like her DADDY!  No doubt he is for sure the father of this one!

 This was my favorite picture of the baby.  She looks nothing like this now cause she lost all the baby fat in those cheeks!  I am working like crazy to get it back on her.

 Baby feet








Great Papaw and Great Memaw

Aunt Carol

Ms. Cheryl
(Ms. Cheryl brought her daughter Brooke and granddaughter Addison, and somehow I didn't get a!)

Uncle Layton

Great Aunt Lynn

Great Uncle Tommy

The Pattisons

The Popes

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Team Dale said...

okay...I will just say that you are BRAVE posting your pre-op picture. YOU lOOK GORGEOUS! Love seeing everyone in the family have their picture with the new baby, and LOVE Aunt Carol! She is such a DOLL!!