Thursday, October 14, 2010

Surprise, Surprise

It's a Girl!!!!!

We went to the doctor yesterday and found out that our third baby is another girl.   We really could not be happier.  We know girls, we love girls...and we are thrilled to just add one more to the mix.  We now have our own sorority or cheerleading squad right here in the comfort of our own home!

Here are some reasons why we are BEYOND happy with another girl:

  • There is just not any room for trucks and action figures in our play room
  • I have 13 bins of girl clothes that are in great condition just dying to be worn again by another precious girl
  • I am no where near ready to sift through those clothes and consign it is better that they just get worn again and I can consign as we go
  • I won't have to drastically change my baby nursery.  It is already set up and I can now just tweak it to make it special for #3
  • I will not have to change a boy diaper in front of my girls and have to explain what that strange THING is to my 4 and 2 year old
  • I think we only need to buy diapers at this point and we are set.  Maybe just a few more bows! 
  • Seth's fan club will now be complete.  Jules is still the president, but Seth welcomes all girls to worship and adore him into our family.
  • We get to throw 3 weddings one day!!!  (This could also go on the con list, I guess...$$$$$$$$$$$)

So, anyway, we really are so happy that the baby appears to be very healthy and growing perfectly inside of me.  I am growing too...just not as perfectly as that sweet baby!  :)  We are blessed to have another girl and welcome all the drama and love that comes along with that!  Wish us luck!


Mindy said...

I am so happy for you B. I guess those reasons are as good as you can get huh?! I think the wedding one might terrify me a little bit, but I know you will love love love it! Congrats and so thankful that the baby is healthy and happy. Love you!

The Mom said...

Congratulations! Healthy babies are a gift. Three girls is a bonus!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Lynn could not be more thrilled! CC & I know how much trouble boys are.

amywelborn said...

I just hopped on over to your blog and love it!! Congrats on the girl.
I must say, you are my kind of girl...I adore how you dress your girls! DARLING!!!! Love the matching and the sweet clothes. Crossing my fingers to have a girl one day....I'll dress her just like that!
Congrats again!

lauren said...

Congrats on another Patterson girl!!! Y'all make such adorable girls and will have an even more beautiful family soon! I felt that same ease when we found out Jack was a boy, knowing that we had everything we needed! What a blessing!

Erin said...

Congrats!! Your mom sent me the site to your blog awhile back, I love following it. I am Debbie Nickell's daughter in law. I have three boys close to your girls ages and they have so much in common with your girls. I guess there is some truth to that birth order thing. Anyway, enjoy those three precious girls, we will be praying for you. PS My oldest and I still call the old navy models panaqins.

marcy said...

I always say...."you can never have too many girls!"

annalee said...

HOORAY and CONGRATS and what another exciting BLESSING!!!!

Allison said...

Oh my goodness!! Was wondering if u would be finding out soon!! I am so curious what I am all the pro-list!!