Monday, October 11, 2010

30 Is The New 29

 Me and my girls on my big 30th

So, I turned 30 on September 26th.  I wasn't totally dreading 30 like a lot of people do.  I actually think I am going to be really great in my 30's.  Ha Ha!   :)  I truthfully was just not looking forward to entering this new decade of my life feeling yucky, pregnant, and down right NOT attractive.   I know, I know...I am very lucky to be carrying this third child of ours when so many people struggle to do so.  I still just couldn't help feeling NOT as great as I had planned at 30.  But, with the help of my family and my friends, I really enjoyed turning 30 and I feel so blessed to be right where I am...even if that isn't quite the trophy wife that I want to be (yet!)!!!

The weekend of my birthday, my best friend Carolyn took me out for a girls day to celebrate.  Seth kept the girls (during the Arkansas vs. Alabama game...major points there), and Carolyn and I went to a movie, to shop, and to a long lunch.  We had a great time and I really enjoyed having a day to be an adult...with no children.  I also really enjoyed having a meal with no interuptions and where I walked away actually remembering what I ate.  This is rare for me. 

Then on my actual birthday, Seth delivered breakfast and him and the girls got me my very own Ipad!!!!  It is awesome and I am sure Seth has regretted it ever since because I am constantly wanting to play on it.  Ha!  My family took us all out to a fun dinner and back to our house for cake to celebrate.  I was so grateful for my family on this day for making me have such a fun 30th.  I was even thankful to the Cowboys for NOT sucking for once and actually winning a game on this day.  I am sure this will be the final win of the season.

And, as if that weren't enough.  Seth's Mom came down the following week to help out and kept the girls all day Friday while Seth and I saw TWO movies and went to dinner.  When you are pregnant on your birthday, there just aren't a lot of options for a wild time...and we thought going to TWO movies seemed pretty crazy.  And if anyone is keeping up, I saw 3 movies within 1 week.  That really skewed my post-children average of about 2 movies per year!!!  I loved every second of all that quality time relaxing with Seth!!!  We had a great dinner that night and were in bed by 10.  At this moment in my life...that is the perfect date for me!  

So, here is to 30!  I am not scared and welcome this lovely decade with open arms.  Especially 31...when all the babies will be done growing inside of me and I will regain full ownership of my body!!!  I totally expect to be back to myself by then!   


Allison said...

happy birthday B! I sent you and email that day?? But am I not getting them to the right address?? Hope it was wonderful! Cant wait to see what you accomplish with the next decade!

Kia said...

Great picture of you and the girls!!