Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What Happens in Vegas...

Last weekend, My Dad took Seth and Layton to Vegas for a boys trip. (PS....I asked Seth to blog about his trip, but apparently, he is too cool to blog.) The boys just happened to pick the first weekend of March Madness and I am pretty sure they all had the time of their lives. Of course, when you travel with Dirk you get to stay in the Four Seasons on top of the Mandalay Bay!!! These boys better not get used to those accommodations!!! I think they spent the entire weekend playing Blackjack, betting on basketball, and even getting in a little pool time. I am not even sure that they even left the hotel. I know that Seth, Layton, and my Dad had a GREAT time together in Vegas, and I am so thankful for their close relationships!!!

Seth did make me so happy by agreeing to take the camera and even get a few pictures of their weekend.

Seth, Dirk, and Layton

Layton and Seth at the only "strip" club that they SAY they went to

At Sportsbooks...doing a little gambling and watching March Madness

Their room at The Four Seasons

Another room shot

The View from the top

I REALLY want to add a VERY VERY VERY funny quote from The Hangover...but since this is a family-friendly blog, I will have to leave it out. Bummer.


Marty Rhea Hill said...

Great scott, I am dying to know the quote! Love that those guys have a great relationship.

Allison said...

Does you comment have to do with the elevator scene and have the word business in it?

marcy said...

I love the pictures & the post. Next thing you know, Seth will be going to a Scrapbooking convention!!!

Glad you guys had fun but now it's time for GIRLS TRIP!!!