Friday, March 12, 2010

90 Is The New 50!!!

This weekend, Seth's Grandmother Lorraine turns 90!!! Grandmother (or Grand-Mama as Jillian calls her) is the most energetic, busy, and active woman that we know! I promise she is in better shape than we are!!! :) In fact, the very first Razorback game that Seth took me to was with Grandmother. Well, let me tell you that she stood for THE ENTIRE game...and Seth and I pretty much could not hang with her! Anyway, this weekend is her big celebration and we are so excited to go up and be a part of it.

Here is Grandmother with all of her GREAT granddaughters!
Jillian, Jules, Ella, and Delaney

Jillian and Delaney are just a few months apart and they had THE BEST time together! They are both into the same, purses, princesses, etc. I know that Jillian is very excited to see her cousin again this weekend!

Aren't they precious??

Here is Seth, the baby charmer! I swear, I have been loving on babies my whole life and Seth just picked up the hobby when we had one of our own! Now, EVERY baby wants him and NOT me! He just has that youthful loving touch or something! Ella was loving Seth...which of course sent his MAIN baby into a fit of jealousy...causing him to balance both the babes!


writing4612 said...

How awesome is that?!

marcy said...

What a blessed family the Pattersons are to have such a lovely "Grandmother"! looks like Grandmother is also blessed by all those little girls in her lap!