Monday, September 14, 2009

Jillian Goes to the Dentist

Jillian just recently had her first trip to the dentist. I thought for sure that she would have a hard time sitting in the chair and letting someone work in her mouth, but I was pleasantly surprised! She did REALLY great! This pediatric dentist and staff that we went to was amazing and new exactly how to warm up to Jillian and get her to let them do their job. She did not want to even sit in the chair at first, so they let her pick out her toothbrush first. She changed her mind a good five times between all the different princesses, but finally settled on Snow White. They were patient enough to let her keep picking. Then she was so fine to just hop up into the chair! It was great!!! They started by counting her teeth, which she thought was fun...and then onto the cleaning and flossing. She LOVED the flossing. She pretty much wants to floss all the time right now...which is a great habit to have! The staff even loved on Jules who was dropping Cheerios all over the floors. ( I had to think quick on what snack to take for Jules to a dentist office without the dentist judging me on too sugary and bad for the teeth. I settled on the cheerios as the best choice.) Anyways, here is Jilly at the dentist...

Jillian's first visit

Getting her teeth cleaned

Getting in the far back of the mouth...not bad!

FLOSSING...our new favorite thing!

more flossing

So happy about the Snow White toothbrush...princesses and blue (her favorite color) all in one is too good to be true!

Jules was DYING to get in the chair! They even gave her a toothbrush too...which she loved!

Big girl

Jillian's prize for being such a big girl was a ride on the horse in the waiting room!

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writing4612 said...

I'm so glad it went well!

I didn't mind going to the dentist as a kid(I don't think), but so many do.

lauren said...

We just had our first trip to the dentist and I was about to blog about it! It's so great when they're a little bit bigger and surprise you with cooperation! Your girls are getting so big and are as cute as can be!

Jessica said...

Your idea for bringing cheerios is brilliant!!!
Way to think ahead!

The Sweet Life said...

such a big girl!