Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gotta Go Back....Back....Back To School Again

Well, school started on Tuesday and all 3 of us Patterson girls have started our new life. I have to admit I am still struggling with Jules being in school when she does NOT have to be. I am sad about it and feel she is young, but since I am teaching, obviously there is no choice. I am also really struggling with my choice to take the job...but hopefully I will feel better about that sooner rather than later. I actually CRIED leaving for the first day of school because I had to go early and be in my class. That meant that I couldn't even take Jules to her first day. Seth and my Mom got to do it. So, I could hardly look at Jules that morning as I left and I cried all the way to school. But, as soon as I got there, I had plenty to take my attention off of that fact.
I think both girls had a REALLY great first day. They said Jules was such a happy baby and even napped...which to me is a HUGE shocker. Jillian had a great day too because she has a great teacher AND she got to see me all throughout the day, and I think that really made her feel at ease.

As for myself...well, it will take some getting used to. I have some REALLY nice kids in my class and then a couple others too. I just have to work through these first few weeks and hopefully we will fall into a great rhythm. I honestly took this job for my girls alone. I wanted to really be plugged in at their school and know what was going on for them. I also wanted to see them often and for them to see me. So, I hope that I will be doing them this favor. I also really love the teachers up there that I work with...they are so fun! So, stay tuned for school updates!

Anyways, here are some pictures of the girls on their first day!

Having blueberry muffins before school

My sweet baby looks too old here...sad she is in school already!

Jillian always looking old these days!

Jillian and Jules ready for school

The back..always have to get a good back shot

Jillian - 3 years old

the back

Jules - 16 months old

the back

Daddy walking the girls into school. Too bad their Mommy didn't show up!

They ran into Cousin Emmy!!! The 3 girls all go to the same school in different classes...boo hoo.
Emmy and Jilly's back packs

Isn't it sad that these 2 girls are only 4 months apart in age and can't be in the same class due to that pesky September 1st deadline????

They are REALLY sad about it...

Daddy dropping Jules off in her class

Jules looks a little unsure about what is about to go down

Daddy dropping Jilly off in Ms. Cheryl's class.
HI Ms. Cheryl!!! (She reads our blog)

Now...onto pictures of my room. I have spent MANY MANY MANY hours in the last month up at the school and at home getting things ready for my room. I don't think these pictures do it justice, but I will say that I am pretty pleased with the way it turned out. When I went to buy stuff for bulletin boards, I found a polka-dot themed line and just went with it. I mean, I love polka-dots all the time, so why not in school too. I ended up making TONS of signs in polka dots and I think it all came together really cute. And anyone who is a teacher out there....I am ADDICTED to the laminator!!!! Seth laughs because I come home every time I am there with more things laminated that need to be cut out! Pretty soon, I am just going to laminate family pictures and hang them on the wall!!! Ha! Ok, here is the room...

Circle Time Board

Circle Time Stand...Thingy (technical term)

My Tables. The Back is my Water & Sand Center and My Literacy Center. The table on the far right is for my art center. The bulletin board will pretty soon be filled with work that my kids have done. The board in the back belongs to church and is not mine.

The far left of this picture is the real play center, then manipulative center, then block center. Again, the lighting is bad because our class is really bright and fun.

Ribbons hanging from the ceiling for art work. Polka dot ribbon of course!

Our room from the back end.

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Allison said...

Whoa Whoa I gotta go...back to school. LOVE LOVE LOVE grease 2 (better than 1) Just FYI. And, yes I did the teach with the girls last year (had toput EV in Schoo early so I could do it). GOOD LUCK all I can say is YOU ARE A SAINT!! I know! I did it! Your room looks great, your girls are adorable!

The Hoerman's said...

Oh my gosh!! Your room is amazing!! Way to go, you are FOR SURE supermom! I can't even get my house clean -- with ONE kiddo :-) You guys will have fun! Your girls are too cute too!!

Mindy said...

Alright B! Hells yeah on the room. I totally can enjoy the beauty of a newly organized and fixed up room, with pretty bulletin boarder, and cute stuff on the walls. I love it! Thanks for sharing. I wouldnt have expected any less from you! Good luck with your class!

The Sweet Life said...

Your girls are so precious and your classroom looks awesome!

annalee said...

i hope each week y'all continue to get more and more in the swing! those girls of yours are going to LOVE seeing you up there all the time, such sweet memories! and your classroom is INCREDIBLE (i don't just say that to everyone:)) i love all the bright colors and signs. great job!

Carolyn said...

B!!! I LOVE the room!! You did such a great job decorating it...not that I'm shocked but you really did great. I love the ribbons hanging from the ceiling and the bulletin boards you crafted-up.
I DO, however, think the obligatory Church Board is hilarious (because I know you so well and I know that you were so put off by the fact that you had to leave it as is!). And on top of that...can I buy a vowel for some of your kids' names?? :)

Marty Rhea Hill said...

Love the pics. And LOVED the name of the post. Gotta love Grease!!!