Monday, September 28, 2009

Brittney and Britney

Well this has just been the birthday that won't stop!!! It started out with Britney Spears. Then I got a fun actual birthday with my little family, and a birthday dinner with Seth and my best girl Carolyn (which I have NO pictures from...Carolyn send me your pictures!!!) Then the next day,we had a family party with all my family (minus Aunt K)!!!! I have really had the greatest birthday this year and I feel so loved!!!! :) started out with the Britney concert. Ms. Spears did NOT disappoint. Seth and I started the evening out with a trip to The of our favorite restaurants. We ate good and even had a bottle of wine sent over from my parents, who were also dining there that night! (No we did not know they would be there!!!!) Thanks Mom and Dad!!!! Then we headed down to the concert. The crowd was so different from the 1999 concert! There were FEW children (thank God!) and mostly 20-somethings in WAY TOO tight clothes and WAY TOO high shoes. Surprisingly, there were lots of men too...with their wives and girlfriends. So, needless to say, Seth did not feel out of place. There were plenty of supportive men that showed up...just like my man!
Seth got us the cheap tickets...which is totally what I wanted him to do. But when we got up to our seats, they had roped off several sections up top. We got moved down to the Platinum Level of the AAC...with better seats and better drinks! Seth and I are never this lucky...but our night was just one great surprise after another!
Jordin Sparks opened from Britney, and she sang several good songs. And then there was Britney! She looked awesome...totally has her pre-baby body back...and her dancing and outfits were truly amazing! I sang every the good little 29-year-old girl that I am. Seth also really enjoyed the concert. Along with her Circus theme, there were plenty of cool stunts and that kept him entertained (along with the little costumes, I am sure! HA HA HA!). I am not a big concert person, but this one was definitely worth it to me! I am so glad we went and I think I totally have the best husband for taking me. Especially since he has been getting nothing but crap for it at work for the last couple weeks!!!! :)

Seth and I pre-dinner. We used to look cute taking pictures of ourselves in college. Not so much anymore!

Bout to head out for the date. Yes, my house is a mess in the background. This is what 2 little girls can do to your house in NO TIME!

US at the concert

Miss Jordin Sparks

She looked way skinnier than I thought she was!

Probably about to pee my pants here...kidding MOM!!!!

The stage

Ms. Spears

I took tons of pictures, but it is just so hard to get a good one at a concert! Plus I wanted to enjoy myself more than concentrate on picture-taking!

So, on my actual birthday, Jillian had a birthday party to go to. Her little BFF (besides Emmy) turned 3 and had a Big Party at Sweet and Sassy. The little girls all got to get fingernails painted, makeup done, hair done, and put on a dress up outfit for a fashion show! It was too cute!

Violet, Jilly, and Emmy

Emmy and Jilly in their matching outfits from Mimi. We should have taken this before the party...because afterwards, Sum and I got NO cooperation from these girls!

Me at the family party

Being cool at 29 years old. And yes I have the same shirt on that I did at the concert. I was totally not thinking about my blog when I over-wore that shirt! OOPS!!!

My mom and Dad...aren't they precious!

Happy Birthday To ME!!!
Okay that is more talk of this birthday, I swear! I feel like I have been talking about it for weeks or something! :) My last year in my 20's!!! I feel like it is going to be a good one!

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The Hoerman's said...

OK, so I'm sure you think I stock your blog.... :-) But I just was looking and thought it was funny that I'm older than you :-) RANDOM! I turned 29 on July 20th. Man you were a baby for your grade! Well, once we finally get moved we will have to get Jules and Ryan-Kate together!! Happy late Birthday

Lane said...

FUN! I'm jealous you got to go to her concert! Happy Birthday...really late! :)

annalee said...

happy birthday beautiful 29 year old! so much fun!

Elizabeth said...

What a fun birthday! And, I like to celebrate as long as people will let me! Is the '99 concert the one that we went to? I'm thinking we went to a Britney concert together??

Mindy said...

Yes you deserve all the fuss about your birthday!!!! Happy Happy Birthday to you! And yes you and Seth still look adorable in your pictures that you take of yourselves. I think I have seen you 2 do that pose and tae that very same pictures-a-b-o-u-t 100 times. :) So glad you had fun.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday! I am totally jealous you went to the Britney concert!!! So glad you had a good one!

Allison said...

for starters...let's remember the golf cart you got at that wedding to take around the property! YOU ARE SO LUCKY ALL THE TIME...doesn't surprise me that you got moved to better seats! Second of all...WTF you are only 29?? Thought all this red carpet was for the big are such a baby (i failed to remember this from out past life together). LOVE the post, love that you wore that shirt over and over, are you wearing it right now? So...what are the plans for 30 next year?? Mine as well squeeze out another baby between now and you, happy birthday sorry I didn't hit you up on the 26th, we were out of town for the weekend. love you, allison