Monday, August 15, 2011

Paisley is 5 Months Old

 In true form for me these days, I am posting Paisley's monthly update right before her next one is due.  So even though she is ALMOST 6 she is at 5 months!

 Paisley is truly the best baby in the world.  I am not bragging...just simply stating a fact.  And the only thing I have to compare her to are my previous two babies.  SOOOOOO, compared to them, Paisley is the best baby in the world!  And I mean that simply based off of her outlook on life and how high maintenance she is, or in her case, isn't!  She is mostly happy all the time and just likes anyone to talk to her and give her attention.  

She also became quite the little traveler.  We drove to Arkansas (6 hours one way) and Gulf Shores, AL (12 hours one way), and she hardly ever made a peep!  I sat by her in the back seat, and as long as she could see me, life was good!  Again, I am not bragging about this.  My last two girls HATED the car and refused to sleep in it AT ALL.  I have paid my dues with bad travelers and am just shocked that Paisley is as content as she is.  

I guess that is really all I have to say for this month.  Her only real milestone is that she rolled from tummy to back.  She STILL hasn't rolled from back to tummy, but is going back and forth all the time and grabbing her feet.  I keep thinking that she is very close...but is she wants to be lazy then that is just fine with me!  She is on the verge of sitting.  She is so close to doing it and that is giving her many new toys to play with! 

 Paisley at 5 months old


Jillian at 5 months old

Jules at 5 months old

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Ansley said...

Hope she sits up soon! Hope she can complete her roll from back to front! P.S. Good job and luck on the Baby there!!! :)