Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jesus Is My Superhero

Man I sure let the pregnancy post sit there for a long time! Sorry about that. We have been so busy that I have had NO time to even think about the blog. But I am now home and hopefully I can get us caught up this week!

The first week in August, we had VBS at our church. The theme this year was Superheroes and we taught all about the superheroes of the Bible. Summer headed up the VBS committee this year, and I was in charge of snacks. We have been meeting since April planning for this week and have spent MANY hours decorating our church. All of our time was so well spent because our VBS was a HUGE success and so many children were blessed by it during that week. Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of what our church looked like. Of course, I think my pictures do not get close to showing how amazing the church really looked, but you get the idea.

The committee

My little superheroes

Summer, Dad, Mom, and I

Meeting up with the cousins

The hallways to the classrooms

Snack station

Main area

Entrance into worship area

Toy storefront

Antique Storefront

Coffee Shop

Barber Shop

Barber Shop pole
I made this and figured out how to rig it to the proudest moment of the week

Movie Theatre

Phone booth

These little girls would meet up in assembly every day and dance together

Jilly and Emmy dancing with their class

Emmy and Jilly

Jilly and Emmy heading to class on the first day

Emmy and Jilly at snacks

Jules and her boy toy, Griffin. They danced together during our first assembly and I could not get a good picture. It was priceless and so sweet!

Teeny superheroes

Jules at snacktime

Jules sitting with her class

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Denton Family said...

Hi My name is Jessica Denton and I am planning a superheroe themed VBS this summer and I love you pictures. I am wondering where you had your shirts made. Was it local or on internet? ALso what are you decorations (scenes) painted on? Is it cardboard. I would love any tips you can give me.
My email address is
Thanks so much