Friday, August 27, 2010

Beach Trip 2010

We just got back from our 2010 beach trip a couple of weeks ago and I am finally getting around to uploading my pictures. I had a ton...and posted a if you want to just exit out of this post now...feel free! Can't say I didn't warn you! :) So, this year instead of driving all the way to Destin, we decided to go to Orange Beach, AL instead. It was a great choice for us. The beach was VERY uncrowded and our condo was fabulous. We stayed on the 20th floor of a brand new building...and I honestly think we were the only ones on our floor. We hardly saw anyone in our building and we liked the privacy. We spent most every morning at the beach and then headed to the pool after that. It was a very relaxing week and a nice break from the 110 degrees in Texas! The only downfall to our whole trip was a quick trip to the Urgent Care when Seth broke his toe. He ended up in a boot and limping for the last couple of days! It is funny to see a pregnant woman and a gimp dude try and load a car and drive 11 hours home...but somehow we managed. are the 100 pictures that I narrowed it down to.

our condo

condo from the street

the family out to dinner

the girls in their nightly dinner spot at the condo

a few of the girls swimming in the GIANT tub in the master suite

5 cousins

5 cousins acting silly

our family of 4 1/2

the girls with Mimi and Papaw

Mimi and Papaw with the whole crew on a tiny staircase

the girls posing in their cute souvenir shirts

bathing suit beauties

Jillian in goggles

Jules in goggles. She might be the only swimmer that can make goggles look this good.

The whole fam swimming

Too cool for school

Macy and Jilly

Seth is the very best dad and uncle. He is always the one running around the pool with all the kids playing games and pulling them around in their pool toys! All the girls just seem to gravitate towards him always!

Enjoying a nice game of ring around the rosey

Aunt K and Mason

Ansley and Jilly

Papaw and Mimi and the girls

Mimi playing with Jules

Jilly and Daddy

Papaw and Jules

pool party

This is the view from the top!
The balcony was very nerve racking with 5 girls running around!

Jilly and BFF Emmy taking a stroll on the beach

Jules rocking the itty-bitty-teeny-weeny-red-polka-dot bikini

Me and Aunt K

building a sand castle

playing in the gulf

family picture

Daddy and his girls

love this one!

They are probably looking for sting rays because there were tons of them!

I adore this picture. You can see here that Seth has taken a solo voyage on the boat out into the ocean. Jules is less than pleased to be left a castaway on the shoreline! She is seen here dramatically crying into her hands.

Daddy running up and down the shoreline pulling little girls on boat rides.

pretty jilly



Beach Bums

This boat is in WAY more pictures than me!

Papaw and Mimi walking the beach

Jules eating as usual. Why do kids think you must snack all day while swimming and beaching???

Oh and my girls. Looks like I beat out the toy boat for a picture.

Jillian playing in the sand

Jules and her hero

so cute

not so cute

Jillian is no doubt instructing Jules on what to do.
Jules is no doubt willing to copy anything Jillian does.

sisters front

sisters back

sisters building

sisters drawing

sisters plotting

Macy, Emmy, Jillian

The four youngest playing in the sand

Seth's toe. See the pinky? It should be pointing up...not out.

Sassy sisters

Jules falling asleep after a week full of beaching. This is one of 5 times the child has fallen asleep out of her bed!

Jules and Papaw

The last night we hung out at The Hangout. Great dinner place for kids...there were bubbles, foam, sand, etc. Next time I will know NOT to send them in their Strasburg dresses!

Jules did NOT like the foam

I love their brown skin and blonde hair in this picture!
Jules is always bleach blonde...but Jillian's gets this way every summer.

Mimi rescuing Jules from the bubbles!

The girls and Great Papaw.
Every beach trip would not be complete without stopping in Louisiana on the way home to see Great Memaw and Great Papaw and eating Johnny's pizza! We love our break in the long road trip to hang out with our family! The girls love running around Great Memaw's house and exploring!

The girls and Great Memaw.


Allison said...

I enjoyed every picture!! year ya'll can all just crash Galveston...seriously!! You can just make the drive shorter and shorter! Love all the pictures...The itty bitty red bikini (we have that, I should put it on Evelyn to get one more wear out of it!) Hope Seth is in full recovery! It looks like a great vacation with lots of fun filled memories!

Kia said...

Great pictures Brittney!! Your captions always crack me up and I ADORE the clothes your girls wear. They're so sweet! Tell Seth hey and hope his pinky toe is better.

Anonymous said...

Brittney, I love your pics. The family is SO CUTE! You take great pictures -- I think you should be a professional photographer! And your captions are always so witty! I think you are an amazing mom and wife. You take such good care of your family! Thanks for sharing the pics!

Sue said...

I didn't want you to think there was a creeper on your blog -- it's just your old neighbor Sue -- I guess I pressed the anonymous buttom by mistake....that's what happens when you get old!

Jill said...

What an amazing vacation! Looks like SO much fun! Your pics are gorgeous!