Saturday, July 7, 2012

Jillian's Belated Birthday Party

This year for Jillian's birthday, we decided to have a different kind of party.  Jillian always has swimming parties with all of her friends from school.  But, since we are between schools this summer, we just decided to have a couple of her favorite friends and cousins over for a pampering/pajama/pizza/sleepover party.  Jillian picked her friends Presley and Emerson to come...and of course cousins Macy and Ansley had to come to!  I think the girls had such a fun night and Jillian LOVED her birthday party! 

We drove and picked up everyone to ride to the nail salon.

All the girls ready for a pedicure!

the birthday girl

we took up a big part of the nail salon


all the girls

the finished product

drying those toes

opening presents from the cousins

opening from Presley

from Mommy and Daddy

pizza party

birthday cake

everyone picked a different color

big 6 year old

everyone in their slippers and flip flops

movie treats

white trash media room


Jill said...

That sounds like a perfect birthday party for a little girl! Your girls are such cuties and I just love how you dress them all up!

Drew Watts said...

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