Saturday, March 31, 2012

Papaw's Birthday Party

Seth and I were able to get away for a few days in March to the Dominican Republic for Seth's sales trip. We had the very best time getting away and having a few days to ourselves.  The girls also had a great time having many sleepovers with Summer.  The older girls stayed with the Dales girls, while Paisley stayed with Papaw and Memaw.  To thank everyone for their help while we were gone, we had everyone over for a fun dinner, and also celebrated Papaw's  birthday! 

The birthday boy!
The girls thought this was Papaw's smash cake since Paisley just had her smash cake.  I had to explain that it is inappropriate for a 56 year old man to go face first in a cake!  

The birthday boy! 

Poor Papaw can't even get to have his birthday cake without a bunch of girls all over him.  I'm sure he didn't mind sharing his spotlight! 

Fun! Fun!

He had LOTS of help!

It didn't take long for Paisley to remember her first birthday just a few weeks before.  She was more than happy to give the cake smashing thing a second run!


AWESOME!  Guess who had to clean that high chair???

And yes...she went HEAD first!

My girls and their SWEET tooths!

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