Friday, September 10, 2010

Our First Day of School

We FINALLY had our first day of school on Tuesday. It seems like everyone that we know started weeks ago and Jillian and Jules have been so bored! I was very happy this year for school to be starting and for us to get back into a schedule. Here are pictures from our first day at Butterfly School!

The girls having their back to school breakfast of muffins and strawberries

The girls...front

Seth and I took the girls to Target the night before school and let them pick out their first day of school outfit. You just can't start out the year in old clothes! :) So, Jillian picked this funky little dress with butterflies on it in honor of her beloved school. Jules went with this rainbow dress to show her true personality!

A flashback to last year to show you just how tiny Jules was!

the girls...back

Jules (almost 2 1/2)

Jillian (4 years old)

We were having a torrential downpour the entire morning of school. Here are the girls acting like they used their umbrellas. Really, I dropped them off under the covered drive through...and ran through the rain myself. This is why you see no pictures of moi on the first day! :)

My big girl walked right into class and starting playing! No crying and no worrying...which made me so happy. I checked in on her all day and she was being such a great big girl and involved in her class!

Jillian hanging up her backpack. And no I am not trying to pull a fast one over on you. In true Jillian fashion, her feet got too hot for socks and she insisted on a wardrobe change to sandals!

Jillian in her adorable class! She has the best teacher, Ms. Beth and the most precious pre-k class EVER!!!!