Friday, January 22, 2010

Throwback to 1983???

Okay since I have been the worst blogger of all time, I have decided to post a nice throwback picture in order to buy me some time to upload all of my January pictures and get with it.
Here is Aunt Summer and I and I am thinking it is around 1983? (Mom is this right?)
Anyway, I think what you are seeing here is a typical Saturday night in the Allison house in the 80's! Summer and I all freshly bathed and in our Strawberry Shortcake matching PJs...with sponge rollers! We always had to have that perfect Church hair on Sunday morning!

Summer, Me, and my BFF Blue Baby ( I miss her)

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Elizabeth said...

Look at how cute you both were! And, think...they still make those same exact curlers for our girls to wear! Jillian really favors you!

Angela said...

I had that same baby- and we still have it, now in my daughter's "collection" of dolls!